Selecting your wedding venue

Selecting your wedding venue – 5 Things to think about


Selecting your wedding venue – Things to think about

Your wedding venue is as important as your wedding dress. It’s one of the things you will remember vividly from your big day as either fantastic and perfect, or rather dull and a horrible choice. This is because it is where the ceremony takes place, and where your guests will stay or go to during reception It’s where your whole day happens. It also affects how your wedding would look and feel like, both in your memories and in your wedding photography. No matter how good you planned your wedding program, if the venue doesn’t do it justice, your wedding will turn out not as expected, which is the last thing you will want on your special day.

Before visiting your potential wedding venue

Doing venue visits is tiring and costly, which is why you should review the place first with the information that you can find online. Do your initial check remotely to see if the venue is fit for you. I’ve put together a large list of wedding venues in Adelaide for anyone looking for their perfect Adelaide wedding venue. You can sort them by location in Adelaide and also by their type.

Aside from how good a venue looks, there are several factors that you should consider when choosing the right venue for your wedding. Whether you’re planning to hold it on a hotel, garden, beach, or an overlooking hill, you must take into consideration the following:

  • Availability: Is the venue available on your desired wedding date?
  • Cost: Is it within your budget range?
  • Alcoholic beverages: Do they permit the serving of alcohol in the venue?

Most soon-to-be brides and grooms always prioritise the aesthetic appeal of a place when deciding on a venue. They choose a place that they know will look great in their wedding photos. But also keep in mind that your venue will affect the mood of your wedding, which is why you should choose a place that makes you feel comfortable and delighted.

5 Things to think about when selecting your wedding venue

In this article, we will share with you five things to think about when selecting your wedding venue:

  1. Sufficient Capacity

The capacity of the venue should always come first on your venue checklist. When checking the holding capacity of the location, plan in your head how you will arrange the tables, chairs, and decor. Doing so will help you decide whether the place is a good fit for your planned wedding activities.

  1. In-house Catering

Although you can get a separate food service, having in-house catering will help lessen your planning responsibilities. In-house catering can give you plenty of options from their menu, and you can ask for special servings if you would like. Let the venue staff help you out and allow them to take care of this matter.

Also, ask if the chairs, tables, utensils, and table arrangements are part of their package. If they are, then that’s one less responsibility that you’ll have to think about. This said however, opting to self cater and doing a DIY wedding may help with the budget.

  1. Parking Area

When thinking of things to think about when selecting your wedding venue, this is possibly the most overlooked aspect. Make sure that the venue has adequate parking spaces to accommodate your guests. If there isn’t enough, see if there are nearby ones where your guests can park. Although, keep in mind that doing this can be risky since you wouldn’t want your guests to wander on unfamiliar streets. Also, make sure that the venue is accessible because you wouldn’t want your guests to come to your wedding looking all tired and haggard because the road is sketchy.

  1. Covered Facilities

You will never know if the weather on your wedding day will be great or not. Especially if you’re planning on an outdoor wedding, make sure that there is a covered facility that you can use in case it rains. If there is none, ask at least if they have marquees or anything similar that they can provide. If not you can hire them, or if you’re budget concious, Bunnings actually offer some cheap alternatives.

  1. On-site Accommodation

If you have guests coming over from different states or overseas, make sure that they have a place to stay after the reception. Once the day is over, you would not want to leave your guests on their own, especially if you’ve done your wedding away from the cities. Check and see whether or not the venue has facilities to accommodate your guests after the long night.

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, not only with your partner but also with the special people in your life. Let them know that you appreciate their presence at your wedding by making them feel comfortable throughout the day. Hopefully this list of things to think about when selecting your wedding venue will help in your selection of the perfect spot to hold your perfect day!

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