get stunning wedding preparation photos

How to get stunning wedding preparation photos


Get stunning wedding preparation photos

Sometimes the best parts of a wedding aren’t the bride’s entrance or the fun reception. It’s the moments leading up to the actual event when all the preparations are still taking place. These make for great photographs because they give a behind-the-scenes look at what it took for the couple, their loved ones, and guests to prepare for the big day.

If you consider your wedding album as a story, then the preparation photos are all about the personalities of the two main characters of your story, and the lead up to the big moment of your wedding ceremony – then the lovely dovey ‘living happily after’ bits at the end 🙂

How to get stunning wedding preparation photos

If you’re planning on having preparation photos with your wedding photographer, there are some aspects of your photography session that you will want to get just right. Here are some tips on how to get stunning wedding preparation photos –


The most important component of photography is lighting as it will determine how well your photographer can capture the moment. Locations with good lighting sources will make it easier for both you and your photographer to get a good shot. While a photographer can make the best out of a bad situation, having difficult lighting conditions will definitely take more time and effort to work with.

For wedding preparation photos, it’s best to prepare the location beforehand. Most wedding preparations take place in a hotel or house, so scout for a good room that offers plenty of natural light and some nice ambient lighting as well. It’s important to visit the rooms themselves when checking wedding photo locations around Adelaide as they tend to look much larger in photos featured on the hotel’s websites. You’ll want to make sure your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the photography crew will fit comfortably in the space you choose.

Tidy Spaces

Photographers can work with almost any environment they’re in, but most photos look best with plenty of open space and a minimal amount of clutter. Preparations tend to be quite a flurry of activity with make-up and clothes all over the place. Cleaning up the room where the photographs will be taken will have them looking much cleaner, more professional, and more worthy of keeping in your collection of wedding photos.

Less is More

When getting ready for your wedding, try to limit the number of family members who help you get ready, at least for the duration of the photoshoot. Although it’s nice to have everybody involved, photographers will sometimes have to contend with multiple requests for photos with the bride and groom when the focus should be on the couple getting ready for their big day.

It will likely become a process that will stress you out, especially with getting ready being as hectic as it is—and adding extended family to distract you can be extra trying for your patience too! For preparations to go smoothly, it’s best to have just the bridal party and groomsmen, parents, and siblings to help the couple.

Hair & Makeup

Great preparation photos will also depend on the quality of hair and make-up. While it’s fun to have a few photos with rollers in your hair, it’s best to have variety in your shots to show the progression of your getting ready. Most photographers will recommend that you have most of your make-up and hair done before the shoot begins so that there’s not as much waiting to do.

Hiring a professional make-up artist is strongly recommended to get the best results since they’ll know how to make it flattering for both the camera flash and in-person. It cannot be understaated the importance of this to get stunning wedding preparation photos! It would also be worth doing a trial make-up run before the actual day to make sure that it is exactly the look you’re going for to avoid being late and having the photoshoot take longer than usual.

Saving time on hair and makeup will allow the photographer to get more pictures of you getting ready. Fixing up your dress, talking to your bridal party and family, and perhaps even enjoying a glass of champagne before the walk down the aisle are all important moments to capture!


Having wedding preparation photos is all about capturing the moments leading up to the one monent everybody has been waiting for: when the bride and groom are finally married. Finding a photographer that you can trust to capture your most intimate and precious times with your soon-to-be spouse is crucial to make those memories in between the big event last a lifetime.

Having photos taken while you’re getting dressed, isn’t the most natural thing in the world, so it’s important you ‘click’ with your photographer so that you feel that much more comfortable and get stunning wedding preparation photos.

Some wedding photography packages in Adelaide will include wedding preparation photos. Here at Sven Studios, we offer professional wedding photographer solutions that will capture the best moments of your wedding day in a natural, fun, and relaxed way. To book us for your wedding, feels free to look through our website and browse our packages.





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