Wedding Albums – The Best Way to Commemorate Your Big Day


Why a Wedding Album is the Best Way to Commemorate Your Big Day

You’re planning to tie the knot with the most awesome person in the world, and you’ve found your perfect wedding photographer and are about to select your ideal package. A wedding album isn’t part of the bundle, and you’re debating whether your budget can shoulder one.

The short answer is: it should. The short reason is: your wedding photographs deserve a place to call home. Here are five other reasons why an album is the perfect choice of wedding memorabilia to commemorate your big day.

Reason 1 – It’s a Physical Representation of Your Partnership

Seeing your wedding day come to an end is a bittersweet moment. You’re now married, which is great but also aching to relive your favourite moments – how many can you honesty remember?

Scrolling through photos on your phone, tablet, or desktop doesn’t do the essence of your Big Day any justice. While handy, there’s something a little disconnected about accessing memories through a USB drive or logging into an online gallery.

On the other hand, there is something unique about the high-quality feel, look, and scent of a freshly-printed wedding album. A book is unique only to you and your partner, and something you can fondly reminisce about page by page.

There is nothing quite like the heart of a leather, wood, or vinyl-bound album that captures some of your most significant life events.

Reason 2 – You’ll Have Something to Share with Family and Friends

While you can look back on memories with friends and family through a digital slideshow, there is something homey about being able to lay an album flat on the table, crowding over your favourite moments.

Reason 3 – It Tells a Story

You can put the “fairy tale” in “fairy tale wedding” with a storybook of your best memories. From knotting your hair into an updo and slathering on layers of waterproof makeup to survive an inevitable waterfall of tears to walking down the aisle and dipping a cheeky finger into cake icing, you can relive your Big Day as if it were right in front of you.

While you can arrange and print a photo book yourself, your photographer should be more than equipped to position and layout your photographs with a thoughtful eye. Not to mention, there is nothing more magical than the surprise that comes with turning every page.

The quality of photobook developers available to professionals also blow the cheaper options out of the water.

Reason 4 – It’s Something to Treasure

Something about having to keep a wedding remembrance safe and secure is what makes it precious. It’ll travel with you throughout generations and can even make for a heartwarming display over your fireplace mantle or bedside table. You can pass the book onto your children, much like a visual memoir.

Reason 5 – It Makes for a Unique Wedding Gift

If you have room in your budget to print miniature albums for friends and family, it’ll be an excellent way for them to relive their cherished moments with you and your partner.

From saying yes to the dress to the ring on your finger, planning a wedding takes months—or years!—and in the blink of an eye, it’s over. With a wedding album, you can revisit every minute as if it were only yesterday.

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