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Introducing instant wedding photography

These past few months, as many in the wedding industry can attest – has been absolutely hectic – with the COVID-19 pandemic putting a halt to most weddings during much of 2020, only to have them all postpone to around about NOW. I myself had to postpone 18 weddings last year only to have them all re-book to late 2020 to early 2021.

As a result, wedding suppliers such as myself have found myself a little behind on work and having to issue apologies to their bridal couples for being a little behind… I usually say up to 2 months in order to recieve your wedding photos, but lately it’s streched to almost 3 months – Sorry about that! I’m working flat out to make up for the lost time.

To combat this problem in the future, I’ve thought long and hard about how to provide instant wedding photography… and the answer was staring myself in the face the whole time! I’ve been providing instant wedding photography for years in the form of my photobooth! So I figured I could simply strap my photobooth to my back and run around all day printing photos!

This is of course so much better than going out and buying a instamatic or polaroid camera as the image quaility of those things are horrendous.

I needed to modify my new instant wedding photography design to that it was more portable. I needed to add a portable power source in order for it to operate while out and about – which only added another 20kg so naturally with my godlike physique this was nothing to the 20kg in camera gear I was already carrying around with me on a wedding day.

The way I’ve designed this unique solution to the plague of waiting for wedding photographs to be produced is such that it will algorithmically select images worth keeping – selecting the in focus, and visually pleasing images and automatically print them into a neat little folder which I will then hand over to my bridal couple at the end of their day. My design can print images up to A2 in size, so the very next day you could have beautiful wall art plastered all over your house’s walls!

The insides of the box that I will be carrying about on my back contains an A2 printer, storage space for the prints it produces and a computer in order to store, select and lightly edit the photographs I am taking during your day. This is not a stop-gap solution – I pride myself in the quality of work I produce for my wedding couples and the standard of work my instant wedding photography solution provides will be sure to impress!

Despite me having to visit the chiropractor after every wedding I shoot..

I’ll be rolling this service out at every wedding I shoot this morning, April 1st so look out for a phtoographer with what looks to be a fridge strapped to his back!

Make It Memorable – 3 Wedding Themes to Choose From


3 Wedding Themes to Choose From

Weddings are life milestones that deserve every bit of your attention, but unfortunately, they’re not always easy to put together. You’ll need to consider every single aspect of the celebration, ensuring that even the smallest problem has a plan to set right. One of the most difficult things about wedding planning is following your vision.

As the bride, you will have a dream wedding in mind. You may want to incorporate the freshest tulips you can find, soiree music playing in the background, and a little touch of rustic elements for more personality. Your cake also needs to be decorated with the right elements, while your caterers need to provide not only the best menu, but topnotch service. More importantly, however, you’ll want your wedding to exude an all encompassing theme that will be the talk of the town.

3 Wedding Themes

Unfortunately, choosing a wedding theme can be even more difficult. To help make sure you choose the right one, we’ve gathered the most popular 3 wedding themes of all time—and how you can make your wedding dreams come true:

Theme #1: Marry Me In The Countryside

For those looking for a rustic wedding

Rustic is one of the most popular wedding themes in the modern world. It’s so popular that it seems that most couples always choose this particular theme. Celebrations mostly happen in the countryside, with farms and lush rolling hills adorning the setting. There’s also a lot of green and natural wood involved, giving off a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that enables couples to focus on one crucial fact: having fun!

You’ll have all the liberty to incorporate do-it-yourself items into your overall wedding plans, especially when it comes to invitations and other decorations. For a nice touch of romantics, however, make sure to invest in flowers! The contrast of green and wood will look well in photos, perfect for display in your future living room!

Theme #2: Falling In Love During Afternoon Tea

For those looking for a garden wedding

If you wish to explore more of the outdoors but find rustic a little too relaxed for your tastes, a garden wedding strikes the perfect balance. You’ll get a sense of a rustic feel due to the use of greens and browns, but having your wedding in a sophisticated garden can easily make you feel like a queen. You could decorate the guest tables with floral arrangements, with afternoon tea and finger cakes served throughout the celebration.

For a little bit more fun, make sure to bring out the rose and champagne glasses once the sun sets! You can easily convert the garden into a setting with twinkling lights, which can feel like you’re celebrating under the stars. Both day and night settings will translate beautifully across photos, leaving you with an album to revisit for years to come.

Theme #3: Love In Glamour

For those looking to embrace contemporary

If you wish to wow your guests and truly become the talk of the town, you may want to go for a glamorous and contemporary wedding theme. These weddings are also known as luxe weddings, essentially focusing on all things glam, aesthetic, and maximalist. You’ll want huge floral installations, outrageous menus, tiers of wine glasses on display, and perhaps even an ice sculpture!

For a truly fun night, consider incorporating some pyrotechnics on the dance floor, and oh–a cocktail bar will be a nice touch. These weddings will fair well with city locations, so make sure to choose a grand ballroom or perhaps a rooftop overlooking the city.

Work With The Best Wedding Photography Services

Finding the right wedding theme can be extremely difficult, but the results are always worth it. Once you find the perfect one, everything will fall into place—your cake, your menu, your flowers, and even your invitations and playlist choice! The most important thing to remember is to be yourself—it can be easy to be overwhelmed with other people’s opinions, but remember that this is your wedding. Make the most of it by celebrating your love!

To help your wedding become more memorable, Sven Studios has you covered. We offer you the best wedding photographers in Australia, dedicated to helping you encapture all the precious moments. Your love story is worth remembering—contact us today to learn more!












5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Wedding Photographer


Find the Right Wedding Photographer

The photos on your wedding day are crucial because they will last for a lifetime—they have to be perfect, and every detail must be captured. After all, you only get married once, and this is a huge milestone in your life. The task to find the right wedding photographer may feel a bit overwhelming for soon-to-wed couples because of the many choices available, so I hope I can help out!

5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Wedding Photographer

If you are in the process of choosing a photographer for your big day, here’s a simple guide to help you hire the best one that will suit your needs:

Consider Your Style

It’s your wedding, so you need to consider the style of photos you want to achieve on the day. You might want something fun and quirky, or perhaps something relaxing and more intimate as you dance with your partner. You can check out our portfolio to get some ideas of the styles we can produce for you. As you browse through photography styles, narrow your list of photographers that match your taste.

Look Into The Photographer’s Experience

A photographer may have years of photography experience but have only started capturing weddings, or maybe they are just starting out? It’s essential that you hire a photographer who has years of experience in a wedding setting.

Their experience is instrumental in achieving the images that you want because it’s extremely useful in high-pressure situations like weddings. If a photographer doesn’t have a lot of experience in weddings, they may end up feeling overwhelmed in the “chaos” behind-the-scenes just to capture moments of your big day.

Read Customer Reviews

After narrowing down your prospective list of wedding phtoographers, you still need to know what clients say about them to get an idea on their service and work ethics. For this reason, you need to take some time to read reviews, and the easiest way to find reviews is online—whether on their website, social media, or other platforms.

Likewise, keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with asking for referrals directly from the photographer, but online reviews on platforms that cannot be surated by the photographer tend to be more reliable to get a better idea.

By reading reviews, you get a firmer grasp on the service you will receive. There is an organisation called ABIA that has wedding vendors rated not just on the product produced, but also the clients experience with them, so have a look at the reviews posted there along with the usual sources like Facebook or Google.

Guarantee Consistent Quality

At this stage, you’re almost about to hire a photographer—they have an excellent portfolio, years of experience, and positive reviews. However, you also need to check their level of consistency. You need to make sure the style you want will flow through the whole album––one that is filled with an album of stunning photos, not only one or two beautiful captures.

Make sure the quality of photos remains consistent all throughout the day as well. If you want to confirm this, you can ask for several wedding albums to check their consistency.

What I like to do is walk a prospective new wedding couple through a similar wedding I had covered in the past. That way a couple can imagine themselves in those photos much easier! To find the right wedding photographer you really need to check what it is exactly you’ll be recieveing as a result of their services.

Know Their Backup Plans

Every photographer must always have several back-ups when plans don’t go accordingly on a wedding day. Ask your photographer about their backup plans, such as if one of their staff is unwell, if the weather changes on the shoot and wedding day, or if there’s an emergency. By asking how they will handle delays and issues, you will be at ease or will want to reconsider your decision.

Being a registered business, being adequately insured and being a member of professional bodies can also help you make up your mind!

Always follow what your instinct tells you when you need to find the right wedding photographer for you. Although it’s crucial that you go through the factors we’ve listed above, you should also consider how you feel about the photographer as you interview them. Remember, you will want to be able to work with someone you know and will be comfortable with!

Are you looking for excellent wedding photographers in Australia? At Sven Studios, we will craft precious memories of your wedding day that will last a lifetime. We cover weddings in Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra, and willing to travel wherever else we may be needed! Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. This is why you will want every beautiful moment captured so that you can look back at it in the future. For that to happen, you will need a professional photographer that will take the best photos. Afterall, your photography is the most future proof way to remember your day.

However, with so many wedding photographers in today’s market, it can be overwhelming to choose one. An effective way is to ask the right questions when interviewing any prospects for your wedding.

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

If you want to hire the best photographer for your wedding, here are some important questions to ask your wedding photographer.

What Are Your Primary And Backup Plans?

A good photographer will always have backup plans if the primary one goes wrong. I like to say that being a photographer means your second name is ‘redundancy’. As an example I always have two cameras with me, backup lenses, a vast array of batteries, dual memory cards and backups when I get home, etc.

Also, keep in mind that there are many things that could go wrong on your big day that no one can predict—the weather may not cooperate, or an important person may fall ill. Because of this, you must hire a photographer who can handle all these last-minute issues and still deliver the best results, regardless if these situations happen on their end or your end.

The ability to do this simply comes from experience. you want someone who can work on the fly and still function despite what is thrown at them.

Can I See Finished Albums?

Browsing through the photographer’s finished wedding albums, or sets of photos will give you an idea of their photography techniques to help you identify if the photographer’s style will match yours. Choosing a photographer based soley on their intagram or website portfolios is a bit naive due simply that the images put up there are purposefully the best images that photographer has ever taken – it’s best to see the entire product they have supplied their clients in the past to get a better idea of their overall quality.

Additionally, these completed albums will help you grasp how they capture wedding details. Remember that there must be consistency throughout and browsing through the albums should make you feel like you are reliving the wedding.

I tend to like to show potential new wedding couples a similar wedding they are planning and hopefully while walking them through that wedding, they can gain ideas fro their own, while also guageing you as their potential wedding photographer.

What Do You Love About Weddings?

Although this question may be odd for some, it’s still a vital question to ask. By asking this, you will be able to know if the wedding photographer is a good match for you. Do they match your excitement? Are they passionate about what they do? Moreover, this will also help you understand why they entered the wedding photography industry in the first place. When you see the passion, you can look forward to great wedding photos!

How Much Do You Charge For An Additional Hour?

When you get a wedding photographer, they will usually offer their services for a fixed amount of time. However, on the big day, you may want the photographer to extend more than the agreed period, and this will surely incur extra charges. When you know how much it will cost you, you will be able to plan your day well and know when you will need your photographer the most.

I tend to prefer to offer ‘full day’ wedding coverage so that I’m not constantly watching the clock and putting undue stress on the couple, but I do also offer hourly based wedding packages for those who prefer the option.

How Much For A Second Photographer?

If you’re considering getting a second photographer, you can ask your photographer if they can provide you with another one. Having two photographers on your wedding day is a great idea, especially if it’s a large wedding. This will help ensure that every angle or and every must-have shot is covered and no moment will be missed!

At this point, you now realise that asking the right questions when interviewing several photographers for your wedding is important. These questions go beyond their portfolio, and they will help you get to know more about their styles, services, and prices. It’s crucial you get along with your photographer, and you match their style because you will be working with them for a good part of your wedding day. Hopefully these questions to ask your wedding photographer will help you select the best suited photographer for your wedding.

Are you looking for a professional wedding photographer in Adelaide? Then you have come to the right place. At Sven Studios, we specialise in weddings and ensure that every precious moment is captured so that you can relive the moments with your loved one. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Sunday Mail Wedding Feature


Sunday Mail Wedding Feature

I realise I’m a bit late this this one, but last weekend, on March 7 – A recent wedding that I covered was featured as full page Sunday Mail Wedding Feature! I have had my weddings featured in the Sunday mail and the Advertiser’s wedding sections in the past – the most recent of which was Paula and Luke’s lakes Hotel Wedding, but this one took up a whole page which was fairly neat 🙂

Nikki and Trenton’s wedding took place at the delightful Ekhidna winery in Mclaren Vale and although the weather was overcast – wasnt bad enough to have to be inside! The Sunday Mail wedding feature of their day showcases one of my favourite photos from their day too which is a lovely change! It’s so often the newspaper’s editors choose some random photo when there are so much better ones to choose from!

Sunday Mail Wedding Feature Copy

Trenton didn’t seem himself and was acting nervous, but Nikki thought nothing of it. The two explored Adelaide for the day, including visits to Mt Lofty House, Largs Bay beach and a winery in the Adelaide Hills before returning home.

As Nikki relaxed in her tracksuit and Ugg boots on the couch, Trenton approached her in a suit jacket. He then dropped to one knee and asked: “Will you marry me?”

“I said ‘Yes, of course, yes’,” Nikki Says.

“There were tears all around.”

Nikki was proudly walked down the aisle by her sons Ethan Winen, 15, and Bailey Winen, 19 at Ekhidna Wines, McLaren vale, where their celebrant, Pat Haynes, and 65 guests were eagerly waiting. “Our day was perfect,” The bride says.

The couple – who own a Jim’s Pool Care franchise – had a country rustic theme, with country decorations, country music and the bride even wearing Ariat country boots. She teamed them with an ivory strapless vintage lace dress with a corset back and small train from Luv Bridal that could be bustled up to dance the night away.

Carmen Tucker, the bride’s best friend since university, wore a dusty pink lace top dress and was the matron of honour. The best man was Carl Fox.

They joined their other guests, including the couple’s fur baby Kip and family and friends from interstate as restrictions had been eased, which was “definitely” a highlight. Revellers enjoyed a delicious naked cake by Teresa from She Baked, with a different flavour for each layer.

“Outdoor games for the guests were popular all night and the dance floor certainly got a workout,” Nikki says.

The Lockleys couple met a decade ago in Queensland, before they moved to Adelaide and have “loved every minute” exploring the state. The honeymooed in Mclaren Vale.

Written by Tara Nash.