A beautiful winter’s day greeted Chloe and Alex on their wedding day, and I was so pleased for them as they are a lovely couple that oozed happiness all day! I knew they were wonderful before heading out to cover their wedding as their wedding photographer as I had previously had the honour of shooting their engagement shoot in the city and that turned out amazing! Chloe and Alex held their wedding ceremony at the Edwardstown Baptist Church, with photos taken at the Sturt Gorge recreation park before heading over to the St Francis winery for their reception.


I started the day with Alex and his groomsmen who were getting ready in Noarlunga Downs. The atmosphere was light and happy with only a little teary moment when Alex read a letter that Chloe had left him to read in the morning 🙂

After only around 40 minutes with Alex and his groomsmen, I headed around to Chloe’s place of preparation just around the corner for a similar amount of time. I arrived and the girls were sitting around waiting for me before they started to get ready, after which activities began in earnest.

Edwardstown Baptist Church Wedding Ceremony

The Edwardstown Baptist Church is a large church, set up to host large services and double as a community hall. Chloe and Alex’s congregation was quite a large one that filled most of the seating area quite well. It’s quite a modern church that is part of a larger Baptist complex that serves the local community. Inside the church, as the space doubles as a modern community hall and performance space, it’s quite dark which was interesting for taking photographs, but the results were quite atmospheric.

Glamour Photos

The plans changed in the morning from heading to the Wittunga Botanic Park in the morning to heading out to the Sturt Gorge recreation park for glamour photos. This was due to not having the correct permit to shoot within the botanic park, but it was ok, the Sturt Gorge is one of my favourite places to explore and take photos in 🙂

We also had a bit of fun mocking up a Star Wars themed battle with the bridal party, complete with photoshopped in lightsabers and AT-ST walker 🙂

St Francis Winery Wedding Reception

The St Francis Winery is a lovely little spot to hold a wedding reception. The decor inside is wonderfully rustic and the venue can snugly hold quite a sizeable party. Unfortunately during winter, the famed weeping willows lining the St Francis Winery pond had all but been stripped of their leaves so we didn’t use them much for photos, but we made use of the rustic old carts around the property.

The entire day was a joy to be a part of, with the love between Chloe and Alex obvious, along with the joy displayed by their family. Thanks so much for having me a part of your big day Chloe and Alex and I hope you enjoy your photos! 😀

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