Tips for candid wedding photos

Candid wedding photos

There are different reasons for having a photoshoot. Some may just be to capture a new profile picture for your social media accounts or to document a turning point in your life. However, wedding photography is special, because it is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life and you want your photographer to document this emotion.

A wedding represents a major milestone in your life where you are taking on responsibilities as a spouse and have found a signifant other in which you will spend the rest of your life with.

Knowing that this rite of passage into a new life is extra special, you’ll want photos that capture the pure essence of what it means to be in the moment on an important day. Candid photos capture the raw emotions of people, and this can give the photos on your wedding day that unique look that will be amazing to look back to.

I’ve put together some tips on how to looking amazing for your wedding photography in the past, but I thought I’d expand a bit with these new tips for more candid wedding photos.

Tips for candid wedding photos

Here are tips to ensure amazing candid photos on your wedding day:

Put Your Trust in Your Photographer

If you have any doubts in your mind about whether or not the photographer you hired will be able to deliver the photography you expect, this will cause problems as it adds worry on the day. Make sure you have a casual chat with your photographer, and make sure you have them walk throguh an entire wedding shoot they have done in the past so that you develop a sense of trust and chemistry with them.

Having  this confidence in your photographer will allow you to just enjoy each moment spent with your soon-to-be spouse.

Don’t Mind the Cameras and Just SMILE!

This may be difficult for some, as they are simply just camera shy or do not enjoy photos being taken. However, once the day of the event comes, emotions just absolutely take over and people just forget about everything and focus on the beauty of their wedding.

The trick is to pretend that you are not being photographed, and just focus on the event itself and take in all the euphoria and love that weddings radiate. Let the photographer melt into the scenery and just focus on the more important aspects, like your family, friends, and your spouse.

There will be moments where wedding photographers will ask you to step into the light for a better shot, but while that is not being done, know that you are doing great and it is visible to everyone around you.

What I like to do when shooting a wedding is doing a bit of a warm up with photos that dont require too much in the way of posing – and then maybe if needed bring out the posed shots – but they often arent needed.


Live In and Savour the Moment

Weddings often go by in the blink of an eye due to all the emotions and fleeting moments that occur within the day.

Needing to focus on anything other than the moment you are in will be visible in your final photos which is the oposite to what candid wedding photos are all about! Sometimes it is advisable to get a wedding planner or someone who can organise things well to remove burdens of logistics off of your shoulders.

When the day is planned well, there is nothing much to worry about and it becomes easier to live in the moment. Of course, it goes without saying that timelines and plans may often derail to a certain degree, but the trick to moving on with it is just to trust that all will go well and you prepared well.

After the day is done, you will have amazing photos to look back to, so forget about the worries and go with the flow!

Don’t Rush the Timeline

Wedding days can seem chaotic, but rushing timelines are what no wedding photographer wants to deal with. With less time for people to be themselves and savour the moment, there are limited opportunities for nice photographs.

Wedding photography is best done at a slow pace, as photographers try to look for the best possible shots and angles for amazing photos. Having a relaxed schedule will allow people to warm up to wedding photographers, and ultimately give a better experience.

Weddings require your full attention and presence for you to truly have an amazing experience. This is why having professional photographers around is an invaluable asset because you will have high-quality photos to refer to in the future.

Wedding albums in particular can be super important as they are often handed down for generations to come as family hairlooms. Just imagine 40 years in the future with possible grandkids, reliving the emotion you were feeling in the candid wedding photos you’re looking through together. It really is an investment in the future.

Here at Sven Studios, we offer high-quality wedding photography in Adelaide and around Australia. Contact us and let us talk about your special day now!

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