list of things to do before your wedding

Things to do before your wedding you may not have thought of


Things to do before your wedding

For both parties, weddings are often a blast. However, when you’re an almost-bride who is just months away from the big day, the entire time can be stressful, considering all you’ll need to get done.

To avoid panic, have a look at some of these things to do before your wedding and make sure you schedule to get them done ASAP.

A list of things to do before your wedding you may not have thought of

Get your paperwork in order

Remember, you can’t actually get married without signing an intent to marry with your celebrant. If you and your partner haven’t yet applied for one, now is the best time to do so.

Depending on your area, you can easily find the required documents online, which you should research and prepare before heading down to your registry office, or your celebrant.

Schedule your final fitting

If you’ve been exercising daily to achieve your ideal wedding bod, you’ll want to be sure your dress fits you perfectly. Schedule a final fitting in advance in case you have any alterations to undergo.

Reiterate final details with wedding vendors

Review all the details of your wedding day with each of your vendors, whether in person or over the phone. That way, you can make any revisions to your menu or venue decor should you spot anything that isn’t quite up to par. Anyway, it can’t hurt to be too careful.

Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVPd

If some of your guests are just a “maybe” you’ll want to make sure they give you a concrete yes or no. This task can be tedious, so you can ask your maid of honour to help finalise your headcount.

Practice your final hair and makeup look

Whether you’re doing your own makeup or hiring a make-up artist, it’s important to get the look just the way you want it well before your wedding day to avoid any mistakes. After all, you’ll want to look perfect in all those glamorous close-up wedding photos. If possible, take your veil to try out along with your final look.

Get your bridesmaids fitted

One of the most difficult aspects of a wedding to coordinate is customising each bridesmaid’s outfit. Make sure they’ve made arrangements for their own final fittings and that they’re scheduled to pick up their dresses on time. If not, you could be subject to several time-consuming alterations and last-minute bills.

Treat yourself to a facial or a massage

There’s no denying the stress that comes with the month leading up to your wedding, so you’ll want to make sure you’re finding pockets of time to relax. If you’re getting a facial, do so at least a few weeks before your big day as you won’t want to risk having a reaction too close to your actual wedding.

Send out your rehearsal dinner invites

A rehearsal dinner is an important part of making sure everything about your wedding is going according to plan. It’ll also give you an opportunity to practice walking down the aisle and exchanging wedding gifts if you aren’t planning on doing so on your actual wedding day.

Send your invites out in advance, especially if you’re inviting anyone from out of town.

Come up with a wedding day timeline

If anyone needs to be kept in the loop, hand out a schedule to your bridal party, family members, and vendors. You never know who might need to make last-minute changes.


While your big day may come with a lot of responsibilities, it’s important that it’s one that is memorable to you and your groom, so to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible, think about this short list of some of the things to do before your wedding and make sure there is time set aside to make sure they happen!

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