Ruth and James held both their wedding ceremony and reception at The Jade pub in the city for a lovely night-time wedding in late April. I was recommended to them as their wedding photographer from one of the groomsmen at a wedding I covered in Darwin which is great as I know I’m doing something right! 🙂 So I was asked to capture their wedding photography for 3 hours, while Ruth and James also had my Photobooth set up for their reception.

Before the Wedding

Having arrived a little early to set up the photobooth, I was able to observe the setup of Ruth and James’ wedding. The whole area was set up with a lovely, simple vibe, complete with cheese platters and hanging fairy lights over the beer garden.

The Jade Wedding Ceremony

Ruth and James made use of the cozy live-music venue and beer garden just off to the side of the main bar at The Jade for their ceremony and party, and also held it fairly late, so the sun had well and truly gone by the time their ceremony took place. As a result, their entire wedding ceremony was artificially lit by stage lights. Made it a bit of a challenge to shoot and get natural skin tones – but I made it work! 😀 The virtual reality video I put together for them turned out great in this sort of setting!

Glamour Photos

We had around 30-40 minutes to walk about for some glamour photos, as as it was well and truly night time, I made use of some of my portable lights, and any artificial lighting we could find – such as the lighting within the nearby carpark and the doorway of the church next door! 🙂 I was aiming for more of a different look at Ruth and Jame’s wedding to a more traditional setting, as the venue and backdrops I was working with certainly weren’t traditional! I particularly enjoyed shooting in the carpark, it made for some grungy, and very different wedding photos.

The Jade Wedding Reception

Ruth and James’ wedding reception was a laid back affair, with not too many speeches, more just mingling and enjoying the night, both in a leisurely fashion in the beer garden and on the dance floor. Food was served by chefs in a buffet style on a biug long table. There was more than enough food for everyone, and quite a mixture of cuisine too!

Thanks so much for having me as your wedding photographer Ruth and James, I had a blast at your wedding and I hope you enjoy your photos! 🙂

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