Belair National Park Wedding

Belair National Park Wedding – Justine & Nathan

It was a rather overcast day in early December for Justine and Nathan’s wedding at the Belair National Park. Rain was threatening all day, but thankfully only showers for brief periods all day. Good thing too as the ceremony and following picnic-style period in between the ceremony and reception was all out in the open within the park. Turned out to be an awesome day though. I was asked to be their wedding photographer for the entire day and I had an absolute blast!


Started off the day with Nathan and his boys getting ready at their home. I arrived to the boys all sitting about playing Super Smash bros on their Nintendo Switch before getting them moving to get dressed. There was a neat empty room off to the side of their living room where there was plenty of room to move about and take some rather atmospheric shots 🙂

I think the best experience of the morning was at Justine’s place of prep at her parent’s place. The emotion certainly got hold of Justine’s Dad who was holding back tears all morning, it was a delight to see and made the whole morning that much more emotional to witness that kind of fatherly love. Justine was fairly calm and collected through the whole morning though, quite keen on getting her dress on and moving the day forward 🙂

Belair National Park Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding ceremony took place in a hireable spot of grass within the Belair National Park in the shadow what I’m told to be the tallest certain type of gum tree in South Australia. Backdropped by native fauna, the place is a lovely setting, nearby some lush greenery ready for photos after.

Belair National Park Picnic

The great thing about this spot is that it boasts plenty of room to set up a ceremony, and a picnic while still having plenty of room for lawn games including cricket, chess and marks up. Everyone had a blast, and I got to witness one of the most intense games of giant jenga ever conceived.

Glamour Photos

For the glamour photos we wandered around the local area nearby where Justine and Nathan’s ceremony took place using the lovely greenery, and an awesome tree I discovered. before heading to another spot on the other side of the Belair National Park nearby the railway station. It’s always a great shot there with a huge archway of gum trees throwing themselves over the walking trail. Once we were done here we head off to the Glenelg Golf Course for the reception. While waiting to head in we used the scenery there for a few shots too.

Glenelg Golf Club Wedding Reception

The reception was quite a boisterous affair at the Glenelg Golf Club, with dancing going on all night and everyone having an absolute blast! The girls and boys all got into the bouquet and garter tosses, and everyone from young to old I’m sure were rubbing their feet the next morning from all the dancing they did the night before! It was a lot of fun circling the dance floor with my camera s when I walked by I’d always get someone throwing a funny face or going crazy in front of me!

Thanks so much for Justine and Nathan for having me capture their wedding photography! Was a great day!

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