Camera Shy Husbands

Getting Camera Shy Husbands Comfortable for a Family PhotoShoot


Camera Shy Husbands

Every family needs a few good photos to display in their home. As simple as taking a photo might sound, there’s always that one family member that doesn’t like posing for them – and it’s quite often the husband!

As frustrating as that sounds, this is not entirely unusual. After all, not everybody is accustomed to smiling on cue! Many people have trouble expressing their emotions on command and don’t care for cheesy, choreographed poses for fear of looking awkward or forced.

If this describes your husband, then you’re in luck! We have prepared three ways that you can convince camera shy husbands to cooperate for your planned family shoot.

Getting Camera Shy Husbands Comfortable for a Family Photo Shoot

Speak from the heart

It’s no secret that a lot of husbands have trouble processing their emotions. Chalk it up to a hard upbringing or less than healthy media representations of men. Whatever the reason for it might be, it’s best to approach your partner with your honest intentions, letting them know of your desire to have a professional family photoshoot done.

It’s a good idea to remind him that your young and adorable kids won’t remain the way they are today for long! Time flies by very fast—and before you notice it, your kids could be moving for college in a different state, making their own way in the world!

You and your husband probably aren’t getting any younger too. Having a photo of you and your kids sooner than later will allow you to capture this specific moment in time, where your family is still growing and has a lot of good years ahead of you. This picture will be a good reminder of what life you’ve had, as you and your husband spend your time reminiscing about days past.

Get a skilled photographer

If your words don’t compel him, maybe a few sample works will! As much as they deny it, husbands are very emotional too. It may just be a matter of presenting the right material to trigger that soft side of theirs.

If you haven’t chosen a photographer yet, try to seek out a photographer that has a style of family portraits that most suits you, and try not to have the price be too much of a hang up. This is an investment in your memories so it’s not really something to cheap out on.

Have someone who can capture your kid’s anticipation while waiting for you to finish that Saturday’s breakfast pancakes. Get a family photographer who can encapsulate the warmth of having you and your kids share a laugh while watching your favourite cartoons. These are fleeting moments that matter the most but are the easiest to forget.

Once you find that photographer, have them send over a few of his best photographs, or look throguh their website. If the thought of experiencing these moments without having the means to experience them again doesn’t at least make your husband reconsider, then move on to the next tip!


Every man has a price. As this is camera shy husbands we are talking about, this is obviously something he might not like to do, perhaps sweeten the deal with something he likes? As a man myself I can confirm I am just a big kid at heart, so what works with a 10 year old would probably work here too.

Get creative about it too! Whether it’s allowing him a night off with his boys, giving him control of the television remote for a week, or buying him that shining set of golf clubs that he’s been talking about for months, he’s bound to give in at some point. Maybe something as simple as a chocolate bar? Little acts of affection can go a long way!

Whatever you do, just make sure that he understands that he needs to agree to the family photoshoot.


Photographs freeze certain moments in time, allowing us to go back at a later date and experience them again with a glance. Family members come and go: kids and grandkids grow up and move on—but photographs remain, and the memories they bring back are there for you to cherish forever.

Having a camera shy husband hampering your efforts in capturing this moment in your family’s life need not force you to abandon the idea, just work on the idea and I’m sure he’ll come around 🙂


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