Adelaide beach wedding photography

Adelaide beach wedding photography

Having been an Adelaide wedding photographer for the past 4 years, the most popular destination for glamour wedding photography would have to be Adelaide’s amazing beaches. Adelaide beach wedding photography really is an obvious choice for Adelaide couples as the choice of beaches and their differing moods and scenery provide unique opportunities for unique, memorable wedding images. It’s one thing Adelaide doesn’t get much fame for, but beaches around Adelaide really are some of the best beaches in Australia, if not the world. Not just for the pristine sand and water, but also for the fact that they are hardly ever so busy that you don’t want to be there, and if they are you can simply drive down the coast for a bit. Adelaide beach wedding photography is something I’m asked to do quite often and I felt it important to share with you some of my more favourite places to capture some nice shots.

When considering a location for your Adelaide beach wedding photography, you need to think about a few things. First of all what time will you be heading out to your beach? will you have a sunset backdrop, will there be hundreds of people there? Another is the weather, will it be windy on the beach? Maybe there’s an ugly amount of seaweed on your particular beach, which would require a relocation for wedding photos.

Adelaide beach wedding photography locations

Semaphore Beach

I’ve been to semaphore beach as a venue a number of times for Adelaide beach wedding photography. The good thing about Semaphore beach is that it’s central and nearby if travelling from the Adelaide CBD after a ceremony or heading towards a reception venue. The beach boasts a picturesque jetty and wonderful grassy sand dunes perfect for a sunset shot or faux ‘alone’ photography. The majority of the following photographs were taken at Deb & Ben’s wedding that took place at the nearby Royal Australian Yacht Squadron.

The Grange

Nearby to Semaphore Beach is the Grange, another beach with lovely rolling grassy sand dunes lining an easily accessible jetty. Sophie & Stephen’s wedding took place just above the beach on the grassy walkway in between the buildings and the beach proper, and then used the beach and surrounds for their glamour photography.


Heading further south is Southport beach Tahnee and Trav had their wedding  right on the beach on a super hot 42 degree day. The location they chose was just down the steps of Southport beach, to the left where there’s a natural conclave of rocky cliffs shielding their ceremony from all the other beach goers that were there on such a hot day. Thankfully their wedding wasn’t unbearable due to heat as during the ceremony it was quite overcast.

Port Willunga

Heading further South still, with the same wedding is Port Willunga beach, which is apparently the most photographed beach in South Australia. The appeal is the remains of an old jetty that once stood on the beach. All that remains are some lovely poles that stick out of the water at high tide, and provide some great rocks to stand on at low tide.

Second Valley

Finally, as far south as this article is going to go, is Second Valley beach. I will be the wedding photographer at a wedding in Victor Harbour later in the year, but for now Rebecca and Martin’s wedding in Second Valley will be it. The Second Valley beach again has a great little jetty to walk out on, a small rocky area with sand too, but what makes this place great are the climbable cliffs and beautifully textured rocks that surround the place.

As you can see you can get quite a range of scenes when on an outing for Adelaide beach wedding photography so when you’re considering heading to a beach for your Adelaide wedding photography consider what you might find at your particular beach. Often during the wedding season it;s quite warm, so many people may need to be photoshopped out of your images, perhaps you like jetties, or rocks? Hopefully this short article will help you with your Adelaide beach wedding photography location. Feel free to contact me to ask me more questions. I’ve been an Adelaide wedding photographer for over 4 years now so I’ve seen and shot at quite a few beaches around Adelaide.

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