Tips for Choosing the Right Outfit for Family Photos

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Outfit for Family Photos


Choosing the Right Outfit for Family Photos

Taking photographs is a great way to capture meaningful moments and events in your life. If you and your family are scheduled for a family photoshoot, you want to ensure that everybody looks their best.

To ensure this, one of the things that you should pay close attention to are the outfits each of you wears. You can be surprised at how a single outfit can easily make or break the entire photo—which why it’s crucial to ensure that everybody is wearing the right outfit.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Outfit for Family Photos

To help you pick out the right clothes, here are some tips for choosing the right outfit:

Skip the Matching Outfits—Colour Coordinate Instead

Matching outfits were once a novel idea, but they’re a thing of the past now. Today, it’s all about coordinating the colours of each family member’s outfits—which actually make photos a lot easier on the eyes. Aside from this, the colours will also let every personality in your family shine. To properly pull a family photoshoot off, decide on a colour scheme before you have your photos taken.

Take It Easy On the Patterns

Too many patterns on an outfit can be distracting, especially in a photo—which is why it’s best to keep the patterns to a minimum. A good idea would be to choose just one particularly fun pattern or style for your family’s outfits; that way it will be easier for everyone to pick out coordinating colours. Makes things much easier on everyone to choose the right outfit for themselves.

Always Plan Ahead

When the family has agreed to take a family photo and have finally booked a session, it’s now time to sit down and plan the shoot as well. Think about what to wear and what type of photos you want to come out of it. That way, everybody will be on the same page, thus allowing the photoshoot to run smoothly.

Think About the Background

If you will be using specific backdrops for the photo, then keep it in mind when picking out what to wear. You don’t want to clash horrendously with the background, or even worse, match with it! If you’re doing the shoot at a studio, then you can talk to the photographer ahead of time to discuss what type and colour of the backdrop will be used. This will help you plan out your outfits with your family accordingly.

Consider the Texture

Keep in mind that photos are static, which means that to generate interest, there needs to be eye-catching elements to make your photos look alive. You can do this by considering the textures of your clothing. Through it, your photos can depict subtle movement that will help make it come alive.

Avoid Stripes altogether

When it comes to photos, wearing outfits that feature horizontal stripes by conventional wisdom be avoided! It’s an old wives tale that horizontal stripes can make you look wider in photos, which is why traditionally vertical stripes are preferred, as they are supposed to make you look more slender while outlining the curves of your body.

However this supposed illusion has been debunked by numerous studies and really just comes down to an individual person’s style and confidence in wearing any particular outfit. So when choosing the right outfit for you, simply consider wheather or not you like it or not – not if there’s any stripes or such nonsense.

Wear Outfits With Flattering Necklines

V-shaped necklines or a scoop neck tends to look good on a lot of people. Choose a flattering neckline that will make your outfit look better while suiting your body perfectly in photos.


Choosing the right outfit to wear for a family photoshoot may be quite daunting, as everyone has different styles. By following these tips, you can make the shoot run smoother, while simultaneously giving you beautiful photos that you can look back on with fondness. Happy to get in touch if you’re planning on having some family photography done!


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