Our Tips For Taking Keepsake Family Photos 1

Our Tips For Taking Keepsake Family Photos

Taking Keepsake Family Photos

Nowadays, almost everyone’s phone is equipped with a decent camera. People take photos of one another and of themselves at any old time of the day. Candid photos are nice to browse through every now and then. However, having proper family portraits taken by a professional are excellent keepsakes that you can look back on and pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Tips For Taking Keepsake Family Photos

If you want to capture milestones, take advantage of loved ones being in the same location, or you simply want to immortalize the present moment for future generations, here are few tips you can use to create beautiful family photos:

Dress using a similar theme

One way to elevate your family photos from the ordinary candid shots to encourage everyone to dress up a little more than usual. Decide on a color palette that you can all agree on. Be careful to choose muted, non-distracting colors that will flatter everyone’s skin tones. You don’t need to dress up in costumes or wacky attire, but rather give everyone some loose guidelines like wearing denim, or outfits in predominantly cream or light blue colors.


Go natural

You and your family’s future generations will look back on your photos and will want to know all about you. Make it a point to look like yourselves, wearing your usual style of clothing and only a light layer of makeup. Avoid trying a new hairstyle in the week or a few days prior to your portrait session. You might end up with something you regret, and the way you look in that moment will be immortalized forever.

Choose a photographer you are comfortable with

Professionals experienced in taking family photos will put you and your group at ease during your photography session. You may want to choose someone who has experience working with very small children, so they know how to get a good shot even with a fidgety baby in the group. The right kind of photographer will also be able to calm your nerves and elicit laughs and smiles from everyone in the group during the shoot. Be sure to have a chat with your photographer before you agree on services so you can see if they are the right fit for you.

Use levels

Make the photo visually interesting by providing a set-up that has two to three “levels’ all the participants can take turns shifting around on. Put a lower layer, with young children sitting on the floor or grass. Seated in the middle, you can have the head of the family, parents, or any grandparents holding infants. Finally, your top layer can consist of older children and adults standing around the rest of the family.

Include those who can’t be there

If you have loved ones who can’t be physically present for the photo, there are still ways you can include them in the portrait.

For family members who have passed away, some people like to hold on to a framed photo of them, or even photoshop them in. Others wear a special dress, hat, or accessory that represents their family member. Even if they aren’t present to pose for the photo with you, there are still ways you can pay tribute to them and make them feel they are part of the memory.

If you are wondering when the best time for family photography is, the answer is: right now. Your children will grow up in a flash, your parents are advancing in age, and commitments may take you or your loved ones far and away from each other. Don’t worry about picking out fancy outfits or posing in front of a fanciful set. Find the right photographer and take your portraits now, so you can keep your memories for a lifetime.

Are you looking for family photography services in Adelaide? We’d be happy to help you capture your family’s special moments. Contact us to learn more and have a chat!



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