Wedding Plan Should Prioritise Photography

Why Your Wedding Plan Should Prioritise Photography

Why Your Wedding Plan Should Prioritise Photography

So many things happen simultaneously with wedding plans that some things simply cannot be considered a priority—but your wedding photographs should not fall into that category. As a wedding photographer I may be a little biased, but I turely believe that any wedding plan should prioritise photography for the following reasons.

Professionally shot wedding photographs will always be an investment worth planning for. Why? It’s one of the most important days in your life that you’ll want to remember in the best way possible. After all, nothing can compare to the magic that a photographer can create with their expertise.

A wedding plan should prioritise photography, but that does not mean that you have to turn your big day into one big expensive photoshoot – you just need to be smart about it.

Preserving your best memories

Say you want to take a more budget-friendly route with wedding photographers and rely on your guests to take photographs of you and your spouse. Maybe you’ve thought of asking a friend who has some experience in shooting photos to take on the task of photographing your wedding day.

Neither of these situations is ideal for capturing and preserving your memories in the best way for several reasons. While the intent is for the photos to look genuine, your guests will likely be very distracted from being in the moment just trying to take great shots of the both of you. Your photographer friend who isn’t an accredited professional may take some great photos, but they might not produce the stunning images you’re looking for due to lack of experience at weddings, or equipment.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked by people who went the ‘cheaper route’ and then asked me to ‘fix’ the photographs they recieved. It isnt really possible in the same way as I could have if I had taken the photos..

If you want to capture one of the most monumental moments of your life and not have to worry about how the pictures will turn out, hire a professional photographer.

Maximising your budget

You’ll be more grateful you made the decision to have your wedding immortalised more than you think. Many couples who have chosen to sacrifice their budget for wedding photographs and place elsewhere, like in the decorations or the food, often regret it later on.

This is unsurprising, as guests won’t really care to remember what decorations were used during that special day—but they will want to relive the moment the bride walked down the aisle or how much fun they had during the reception. Those captured moments are worth paying for.

When looking at your wedding budget and wondering how you’ll afford a photographer with everything else going on, remember that you don’t need to pull out all the stops and get a wedding photographer and videographer who’ll do a same-day edit or a simple highlight video if you don’t want a full-on videographer.

A single professional photographer with a partner or a small team who can capture the right moments as opposed to every single moment will be your best option. While there is some expense involved, getting a good wedding photographer can be easy to choose by looking through their portfolio and checking their pricing.

Finding a photographer with the right style

Take your time when choosing a wedding photographer. It’s important that you love their work so that they can capture your wedding day exactly how you pictured it—and they might just exceed your expectations.

Viewing their portfolio is the first step, followed by a short interview or meeting to discuss your plans for the wedding, find out how to best produce a wedding plan should prioritise photography, but also not get in the way of the memories you’re going to create on your day. Once you find a photographer whose style suits you best and with whom you are comfortable, then book them right away! This is something that you want to accomplish soon after you set a date for your wedding, as the best photographers can often be booked up to one or two years in advance.

Wedding photos may always seem like an extra, and a huge bulk of your wedding budget in the beginning, but couples soon come to realise that they are one of the most important investments of your special day. So many beautiful moments are shared in such a short amount of time that you’ll want to replay it in your mind’s eye again and again. Only a professional photographer can take your wedding day and make it last a lifetime, which is the main reason why your wedding plan should prioritise photography.

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