Master of Photography I achieved

Last week saw the annual National AIPP (Australian Institute for Professional Photography) photography awards held in Sydney, and I’m happy to say as a result of the awards I was awarded, I have acheieved the statuse of Master of Photography I, which basically means that after I managed to achieve the status of Master photographer back in 2017, I have since done enough to earn it again, adding the ‘I’ after the title, further adding to my post nominals 🙂

In this year’s AIPP APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards) I managed to come away with 3 silver awards and one silver distinction, which I was very happy with as I only needed 2 silver awards to gain the title. Although the silver distinction was only one point away from gaining a gold award, but that’s ok 😛 The last 3 years I’ve managed to come away with at least 4 awards which is all anyone should aim for each year so I feel great 🙂 The most exciting of those years was back in 2017 though when I managed to take out a National Photographer of the year title. As the images I’ve been entering these past few years haven’t been directly related to weddings, I havent posted them here, but if you’re curious on the images I put together this year, you can find them on my art website.

As some of my most awarded work has been in the categories of Landscape, Science and illustrative, it’s sometimes hard to imagine how this is in any way related to my proficiency in wedding photography, however as I explained in an older blog on the subject, it all allows me to have a fresh outlook on the rather oversaturated genre. It’s not uncommon for many people to look at my work and really appreciate how I interperate a scene when compared to a more generic wedding photographer. The ability to truely showcase the scene on a wedding day is what many people enjoy about my work and being awarded for this type of work simply gives me more confidence in my ability to do so! Telling stories with individual images is what it’s all about and thats exactly what I bring to my wedding photography 🙂

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