Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale Wedding

Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale Wedding – Nikki & Trenton

I always love heading to Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale, as it’s one of my absolute favourite wineries in Mclaren Vale to shoot a wedding at! So I was excited to head there once again for Nikki and Trenton’s wedding that took place right at the end of October! The day was a little overcast and windy, but that diddnt hampen the spirits of these two lovely people and their guests!


Trenton and his entourage were being prepared in a bed and breakfast on Main street Mclaren Vale, and while Trenton seems cool, calm and collected he was obviously trying to find things to do to keep his mind busy – but he certainly managed to do so, and had his groomsmen nearby to keep the nerves away!

Nikki was being prepared a little further away in a hidden bed and breakfast nearber Kangarilla. It was a spectacular location, overlooking the rolling hills the region is so famous for and the building has some amazing architecture! Nikki was being helped to prepare by her sole bridesmaid/maid of honour which made for a very stress-less time!

Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale Wedding Ceremony

Both Niki and trenton were quite excited by their bridal cars so they made a big entrance by driving right up onto the lawn near the vineyards at Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale. From there, the ceremony took place with the hills and vineyards in the background and was personalised by some funky personal quirky events Nikki and Trenton planned.

Things such as a coin toss to figure out who says their vows first, adn then their fur baby dog coming to visit as they signed their paper work. These sorts fo things are always guarnateed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Glamour Photos

As their dog wasn’t going tostay long we began by taking some glamour photos of both Nikki and Trenton with their dog – however they were a little afraid that he would run off – so I ended up having to photoshop out the leash which was held by one of their sons as he ran with the dog down the vine ally way 🙂

The day’s weather was a finicky beast being cloudy and windy one minute, then sunny the next – but we made the most of it by walking about the vineyards a bit, then using the barrels Ekhidna Wines have on display.

One major reason why I love Ekhida Wines as a Mclaren Vale Wedding Venue is the direction their vine yards face – it always makes for a great drone sunset shot – despite there not being much of a sunset!

Wedding Reception

To finish up the day, Nikki and Trenton held a cocktail style reception in the Ekhidna Wines cellar door, and also had the SvenStudios photobooth set up! The night was a lovely casual affair, which really picked up once the dance floor opened and everyone cut loose for a bit 🙂 Was a lot of fun to be a part of!

Thanks a bunch Nikki and Trenton for having me as your wedding photographer! Hope you enjoy your photos as much as I did taking them!

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