Oliver's White Hill wedding

Oliver’s White Hill Wedding – Lauren & Nic

Lauren and Nic held their wedding at the historic bed and breakfast known as Oliver’s White Hill, with their reception taking place in the nearby chaff shed that connects up to the nearby Oliver’s Taranga winery. The weather was absolutely stunning throughout and the location always provides for some wonderful photo opportunities. I was chosen to be their wedding photographer for 4 hours of their day which saw me taking photos from just before their wedding ceremony through to around an hour of their reception.

Prior to the ceremony

As usual I arrived a little early so I had a bit of time to walk about, setting up my virtual reality video camera and take a few shots of Lauren and Nic getting ready, although they didn’t expect me to be on site for another 30 minutes or so. They were both being prepared in different rooms of the Oliver’s White Hill bed and breakfast so it was fairly easy to flit back and forth between the two.

Oliver’s White Hill wedding ceremony

The original Oliver family was part of the pioneering history of wine making in South Australia, having established the White Hill property in the 1840’s the Oliver family still to this day maintains the property and cultivates the nearby winefields. Today the rustic old house has been the backdrop of a wide variety of different celebrations, with the first wedding taking place there over 100 years ago. The setting Lauren and Nic chose as the backdrop to their own wedding ceremony was the lovely little lake down at the foot of a large grassy area – looking away from the house itself. It provides a wonderfully Australian backdrop complete with gumtrees and causes the sun to cast it’s light over the wedding ceremony in such a wonderful way.

Glamour Photos

Directly after the wedding ceremony and family photos, we had a short walk around the grounds to take a few glamour photos before heading up to the Chaff Shed for the reception.

Oliver’s Chaff Shed reception

On the same grounds as the Oliver’s White Hill homestead is the Oliver’s Chaff Shed where the owners has transformed an old chaff shed into a cosy little function room, complete with separate bar and modern toilet and kitchen facilities. It would be tricky to host a large gathering here but for small intimate weddings such as Lauren and Nic’s, it’s a wonderfully rustic setting.

Thanks to Lauren and Nic for having me be a part of their lovely wedding at the Oliver’s White Hill homestead! It was a wonderful day, and I hope they like their photos! 🙂

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