Mclaren Vale wedding venues

Mclaren Vale wedding venues

As an Adelaide wedding photographer based in the south, I’m quite often travelling down to Mclaren Vale wedding venues to cover a wedding. Mclaren Vale is a wonderful setting to hold your wedding, catering for both the budget concious through to the very high end of town. It’s such a nice place to married in that I myself have book my own upcoming wedding at one of the Mclaren Vale wedding venues I’m about to outline in this little list.

Mclaren Vale is an incredibly popular tourist destination to the south of Adelaide, due to the fact that the town produces some of the best wine in the world. The region was named after either David McLaren, the Colonial Manager of the South Australia Company or John McLaren (unrelated) who surveyed the area prior to settling in 1839. More recently, in 2013 the rustic charm of the town was declared a state treasure, and along with the Barossa, were included in legislation to keep the small wine town vibe present to help continue the tourism industry.

As a wedding venue the town offers a surprisingly broad variety of scenery for your wedding, from the obvious winery backdrop, through to the nearby Kuitpo forest and Port Willunga beach, the most photographed beach in South Australia. There are also a multitude of heritage listed buildings and farmland to take advantage of. I thought I’d put together this list of Mclaren Vale wedding venues I’ve covered a wedding at, to perhaps help you narrow down your selection of venues in Mclaren Vale.

Mclaren Vale wedding venues

Middlebrook Estate

This is where I’ve booked my own wedding reception in. It’s such a wonderful location, boasting a huge grassy area for guests to play lawn games, surrounded by a beautiful vineyard and huge gazebo. The gazebo is usually where their wedding ceremonies are held, while their reception hall is modern, but still keeps its rustic, homely charm through selective wood panelling and the wonderfully decorated bar.

Coriole Winery

Perhaps one of my favourite wineries in Mclaren Vale to host weddings is the Coriole winery. It’s rustic setting, and stunning location comes together beautifully for an imitate wedding. The Coriole vineyards is set up on a hill overlooking the vast, sprawling countryside of Mclaren Vale, while the reception venue itself holds an old worldy rustic charm, complete with a huge enclosed garden and courtyard with walk through function area. It’s a beautiful location and highly recommended.

Maxwell Winery

The Maxwell winery is more famous for it’s production of mead than wine, but as a wedding venue, just down the road from Coriole, it boasts a similar vista of vineyards in the backdrop of your wedding ceremony, while also boasting a full size hedge maze and walk through cellars. It’s reception venue is a bit on the small side, but if you’re looking for an intimate wedding venue, this might be the venue for you.

SC Pannell winery

Still on the same road as the last two wineries, the SC Pannell winery boasts perhaps the most recognisable driveway used in wedding photography in Adelaide. It runs right through the winery’s vast vineyards and looks spectacular at sun set. It’s reception area is huge, with ample room for a large wedding congregation and is also quite modern in design while still trying to keep some of the rustic metal sheeting and exposed wood feel.

Oliver’s Chaff Shed

Oliver’s Chaff Shed is a small rustic venue, set in the grounds of a house that’s used as a bed and breakfast. The venue boasts a beautiful garden, complete with a pond surrounded by native Australian plants and trees, while the reception venue is a historic old Chaff shed suitable for small wedding congregations. It makes for a very pretty wedding venue.

Mclaren Vale Hall

Perhaps one of the most open Mclaren Vale wedding venues would be using the public space next to the Mclaren Vale hall on the town’s main road. It’s a vast, open area constructed for public events such as rallies or concerts, but works equally well as a wedding venue, and if you’re like Bek and Spud, you can hold your reception in the hall itself, with catering taken care of by family friends.

This is of course far from an exhaustive list of Mclaren Vale wedding venues. I would even go so far as saying this isn’t even the majority of Mclaren Vale wedding venues, but they are the venues I have covered weddings at, in some cases multiple weddings. Check out my wedding portfolio for other venues.

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