Alex and Jason travelled from Victoria in order to hold their wedding at the glorious Coriole Vineyard in Mclaren Vale. The day turned out to be a absolutely stunning, sunny day filled with loving people at a marvellous location. The Coriole Vineyard has always been a favourite of mine as the location offers a wonderful variety of locations to take photos.


The day started with the photographing of the groom and his groomsmen. As usual I was a little early so I surprised Jason a bit as he was still lounging about in his dressing gown but that’s great as I managed to capture all aspects of the boys getting ready.

Both Jason and Alex were being prepared at a nearby bed and breakfast, but in separate bungalows. The setting provided for some beautiful light seeping through the windows. When Alex arrived from having her hair done, I diddn;t have to try too hard to produce some stunningly sentimental photos of her getting ready without getting too hands-on.

Coriole Vineyard Wedding Ceremony

Coriole has a number of different locations suitable for holding a wedding ceremony. Jason and Alex opted to make use of the large grassy area to the side of the main house, with the large pretty tree as the backdrop. Often people choose to use the vineyard vista as a backdrop, while yet others choose to hold their ceremony within the coriole courtyard. Just to the right of their ceremony was the wonderful vistas of Mclaren Vale.

It was a little unfortunate that during the ceremony the wind picked up quite a bit, causing Alex’s veil to blow out of her hair as she was walking up the aisle, and also caused a bit of trouble with the hair – but this diddn’t dampen any spirits! During their ceremony they held a wonderful crowning ceremony and shared a glass of wine to symbolise their binding in marriage.

Glamour Photos

After the group photos, we walked around the Coriole vineyard for a short while, making use of the scenery for some lovely shots. It was such a sunny day that I was really trying to use it to create a sunny, ethereal feel to the photos.


Alex and Jason made use fo the newly renovated Coriole reception area for a sit-down style wedding reception. The night was complete with heartfelt speeches and a tonne of cultural dances. It was an amazing night.

Thanks so much to Jason and Alex for having me as their wedding photographer and I hope you enjoy your photos! 🙂

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