Woodstock Winery

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Woodstock winery wedding

The original Woodstock property, now known as the Woodstock winery was named by English settlers, after their hometown of Woodstock, near Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England. The Townsend Family, headed by William Louis Townsend, received a Crown Lease for the property in 1905, built a home with a brick well and established the estate as a vineyard and orchard. It has been known as Woodstock ever since. In the centre of the town of Woodstock in England stands a set of medieval wooden leg stocks, which were historically used for the public punishment of townsfolk who had over-imbibed. Today at the entrance to the Woodstock winery, there is a replica of these stocks, which the winery partly owes as it’s namesake.

The Modern woodstrock winery is a classy wedding venue, suitable for small to large wedding guest lists, as their restaurant can accomodate guests on the lower and upper floors. Located in Mclaren Flat, which is just along the road a bit from the famed Mclaren Vale wine district in South Australia, the venue is appealing to hold intimate, private wedding ceremonies and receptions while still holding the class that the Woodstock winery represents. Wedding ceremonys that take place here are usually held out on the open grassy area located behind the winery, with the vineyards as a backdrop.