Georgia and Ben travelled all the way from Tasmania to hold their wedding ceremony at the beautiful Coriole Winery in Mclaren Vale. And despite the weather being slightly overcast, the weather stayed fine and was a wonderful afternoon for all involved! Georgia and Ben opted to have me as their wedding photographer for 3 hours, capturing their ‘first look’ photos, through to the end of their ceremony. As it turned out this was a smart way of doing things as their ceremony happened to be quite late in the day, and by the time the ceremony had ended there was hardly any natural light left to use!

First look

A ‘first look’ is a trend at weddings where by the bride presents herself to her groom before the wedding ceremony in order to capture the emotion from the meeting in a more intimate place rather than at the altar. The idea also being usually that their glamour photos are to be taken before the wedding even takes place. In this regard it’s not the most traditional of wedding activities, but if you’re planning a later wedding ceremony, it may be your only option.

After seeing each other for the first time, we had around an hour to walk around the Coriole Winery and use it’s incredible scenery as the backdrop to their wedding photography. I myself originally wanted to use Coriole Winery as the wedding venue at my own wedding, such is my love for the place. The Winery boasts rolling hills of vineyards, and and old house, complete with a pretty little garden surrounding.

After walking about the winery taking these photos, we had a bit of a rest period before the wedding ceremony took place. The girls hid themselves within the house to hide themselves from their guests that were arriving slowly, and the men sat outside.

Coriole Winery Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies that take place on location at the Coriole Winery usually take place in one of two locations if it isn’t raining, either within the courtyard area of the house, or in Georgia and Ben’;s case, overlooking the incredible valley that is Mclaren Vale on the grassy area to the side of the house. As the light was fading quite quickly during the ceremony, by the end the sun had well and truly left.

After the ceremony, I quickly launched the drone to take an aerial photo of all the guests together, with the Coriole Winery in the background. As I said however the light was fading very fast, so it was pretty tricky! I hung around for a bit after to capture their entrance to the reception, and also to have the groomsmen smoke their celebratory cigars!

Thanks so much to Georgia and Ben for having me as their wedding photographer. I hope you like your photos! 😀

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