Prepare Your Wedding Day for Possible Rain

3 Tips to Prepare Your Wedding Day for Possible Rain


Prepare Your Wedding Day for Possible Rain

When planning a wedding, especially outdoors, the one thing you hope will never happen is for it to start raining. Unfortunately, no one can control the weather, and even the world’s best forecasters are not 100% right. So what happens if it does rain on your wedding day? Well, that will entirely depend on how well you prepared for it! The keyword here is “prepare,” something we will help you to do in this article!

Just before we start though, it might interest you to know that the tradition of it being good luck for it to rain on your wedding day dates back hundreds of years and has it’s roots in biblical gospel! So theres that going for you 😀

3 Tips to Prepare Your Wedding Day for Possible Rain

Here are some tips on you can prepare your wedding day for possible rain –

  1. Plan with your vendors

You will have vendors helping you out on your wedding day, from photographers to designers, even candlestick makers 😛 . Whoever it is you are working with, communicate to them thoroughly about your concerns. For example, during your wedding photo-taking session, you will want to talk to your wedding photographers about what to do if the weather changes.

We recommend talking about bringing umbrellas for light rain and picking a new location for heavier downpours. That said, your vendors will likely have plenty of experience for such situations, so it does not hurt to ask them what they think you should do. Work together, and you will be able to come up with a solid plan.

Wedding photographs in the rain can make for some magical shots! Particularly in Adelaide as it doesnt tend to rain too often here – but heading out for some monsoonal weather during Darwin’s wet season will get everyone pretty wet but can make for some great shots!

  1. Have a solid backup plan

Speaking of a solid plan, you will need to be quite thorough with how you organise the event. Merely telling your organizers to “bring umbrellas” is not going to cut it. Umbrellas can be useful in light rain, but they are not going to do anything if it starts to rain hard. An umbrella is not going to stop the ground from pooling up with water, nor protect everyone from getting drenched.

Once again, remember to thoroughly plan with your vendors to create a solid backup plan. Make sure you include details on what to do in case the weather does not cooperate. Have a list of backup locations or venues, and account for tents and other types of protection to keep your guests and equipment dry.

A big plus on any wedding venue you might be looking out for would be a built-in inclement weather plan. For example the Mt Lofty House wedding venue usually holds their ceremonies out on the lawns overlooking the velley, but can be held in the reception area at short notice.

  1. Be flexible and adaptable

No one can control the weather, so make sure that you take it into account when planning your wedding. You have to be flexible and adaptable, as there is no point in trying to work against it.

We understand that you have probably meticulously planned your wedding day down to the tiniest details, but always be sure to keep an open mind. Do not let the rain ruin your day, and do not let it ruin your wedding. By being adaptable, you can ensure your wedding day runs smoothly despite any weather.

Remember that the most important thing about your wedding day is that you get to marry the love of your life, and that’s all that matters!

You can always just hope for the best and pray that it does not rain on your big day, but this is not the only thing you can do. Instead, follow the tips we have shared above. Being prepared, even by just a little, is better than not being prepared at all. Prepare your wedding day for possible rain as best you can and it can be the difference between a spectacular wedding day and one that leaves you and your guests disappointed.

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