Why rain is good luck

Why rain is good luck on your wedding day

Often the first thing you hear on your wedding day if it starts raining is that it’s ‘good luck’. Followers of my blog will know that I’m an avid fan of researching the origins of such quirks behind wedding traditions, so I did a bit of digging and found out why rain is good luck on your wedding day. The origin of the superstition about why rain is good luck on your wedding day may stem from the reasons I’ve discovered, or the general fact that saying something like that will somewhat ease the mind of the bride who had their heart set on a beautiful sunny day. I mean most people would plan their wedding expecting great weather, only to be disappointed with rain – kind of like what Alanis Morissette was talking about in her song ‘Ironic’.


Why rain is good luck on your wedding day

So where did the origin of the superstition come from? The truth is that rain represents a multitude of different things depending on your culture of origin.

Rain represents fertility

One of the obvious merits of rain is the brings of new life into the world. Without rains new grass and plants cannot grow and hence represents fertility. Always a nice thing to be reminded of on your wedding day if you’re planning on starting a family with your newly wed.

Rain represents Unity

It’s not all that common at weddings in Adelaide but, a handfasting ceremony was common at all weddings in years part symbolising the combining of two souls into the union of marriage This also happens to be the origin of the saying ‘to tie the knot’. Rain would cause this ‘knot’ to become wet and hence become difficult to untie, signifying unity.

Rain is Cleansing and Pure

Rain causes the world to become clean and represents purity. using water to cleanse one’s hands if paramount in many of the world’s religions, so rain on your wedding day is supposed to represent a clean and pure start to your lives together. It’s also supposed to represent renewal, in that you will be born again as a couple forever. It;s supposed to wash away all prior bad experiences and memories, leaving only the good for the future. It’s very similar in the reasoning why brides traditionally wear a white dress.

Rain represents tears

Now this could be interpreted as a good or a bad thing, but rain can represent the last tears the bride is to shed for the rest of her life – hence a good thing. But it would also represent tears that the couple is getting married! Which is a bad thing.. Depends on how you look at it this way 😛

These superstitions have a range of different origins so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where and when people started saying why rain is good luck at weddings. But most of the resources I’ve looked at having originated from Hindu custom. But honestly, rain doesn’t originate from India, or Hindu-dominated countries so the sentiment of why rain is good luck at weddings can be as wide and varied as the world itself.

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