Karkoo Nursery Wedding

Karkoo Nursery Wedding – Kirsty & Jason

The Karkoo Nursery in Blackwood was the rather unlikely backdrop for Kirsty and Jason’s wedding! They had never hosted a wedding there before, but it made for the perfectly eclectic backdrop for Kirsty’s keeness to keep things simple and do as much as she could herself. This allowed for a lovely aesthetic that spoke perfectly of Kirsty and Jason’s personality while focussing on the important stuff! I was asked to be their wedding photographer for 3 hours which saw me with them for the ceremony at Karkoo Nursery, glamour photos at the nearby heritage listed Gamble Cottage, then a short time at Eire Cafe for an early dinner reception.

Karkoo Nursery Wedding Ceremony

The Karkoo Nursery regularly hosts live music events in this space, so it’s not as if the store had no experience in holding events, and there was ample numbers of chairs for guests and room to move about. It was the eclectic nature of the backdrop and surrounds that drew Kirsty and Jason to hold their wedding ceremony here. Every chair was different, and the surrounding merchandise was as random as any antique furniture store, but it suited very well!

Kirsty did a lot of work herself leading up to the day, hand making a delightful bouquet and lapel pins out of scavenged knick-knaks, and sourced some delightful hollowed out ring ‘books’ that held their rings in a lovely unique way. They had close friends be wedding singers and copnduct readings which made for a wonderful friendly atmosphere.

Glamour Photos

After the family photos and the mandatory ‘breakfast club’ recreation photos, we head over to the nearby heritage listed Gamble Cottage to use the delightful small garden there for photos. As the day was fairly overcast we were very lucky to see a little bit of sun poking out through the clouds while we were there which made for wonderful ‘fairytale’ lighting.

Eire Cafe Wedding Reception

Finally, after the glamour photos in Blackwood, we head down the hill a bit to Eire Cafe which is a small little cafe suitable for smaller congregations just like Kirsty and Jason’s family-oriented reception!

Thanks so much to Kirsty and Jason for having me as your wedding photographer! I had a great time, and I hope you enjoy your photos!

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