Benefits of Hanging Family Photos

3 Surprising Benefits of Hanging Family Photos in Your Home


Benefits of Hanging Family Photos

Family photos displayed in frames by the entryway or hung on the accent wall are common sights in a family home. These souvenirs remind you and your family about holidays, milestones and of course snap shots of a moment in time. They put a personal touch in every residence to make it feel more like a home.

However, these framed pictures aren’t just for show and nostalgia. They also provide several surprising benefits that can keep the positive vibe of your home.

3 Surprising Benefits of Hanging Family Photos in Your Home


Although digital platforms can be better and simpler curators for photos and videos, nothing beats the warmth printed and framed photographs bring. Besides being a great addition to your home’s interior, they also provide some surprising benefits in your household. Hopefully this outline of the often unknown benefits of hanging family photos help you realise you really need to have this done for yourselves!

  1. Displaying family portraits improve your child’s confidence levels

As a registered and trained teacher in South Australia, I can honestly say that being heard is one of the best ways to improve your child’s confidence. Displaying family portraits in your home can help your children develop healthy levels of self-esteem. It allows them to embrace the fact that they belong and that they have value. Psychologists believe that pictures can send signals to a child’s brain that they are important members of a family unit.

The presence of these photographs exceptionally contributes to your child’s growth and development, even until they reach their teenage years. Besides displaying these photos, you should also give them opportunities to plan and direct these photos. Being involved gives them a sense of responsibility and control, whether you ask for their input on what to wear or where to take the shot.

  1. Looking at family portraits strengthens the family unit

Family photos don’t just affect your children, but also your entire family. Psychologist Judy Weiser notes that looking at photographs can reduce people’s sense of loneliness. When someone sees a photo of them with the important people in their lives, their trust and positive regard for these individuals grow stronger and deeper. Because of this, households that display family photos have stronger bonds with their family.

Although some members pass away or live on in their own homes, one of the benefits of hanging family photos is that looking at these family photos sustains their sense of being together. This is why families can still have deep relationships, even if some members are no longer physically with them at home.

  1. Reminiscing while looking at photos uplifts your mood

We are sensory creatures who can change our feelings and behaviors based on the things we see, hear, taste, touch, or feel. It’s no surprise that photographs can affect our emotions since they allow us to relive the memories in them. Have you ever asked yourself why this is the case?

Psychology professor Fred Bryant notes that photos that trigger positive memories remind you of the same feeling you experienced in the past. Think of it as mental time travel. It allows you to receive a sense of fulfillment and love, promoting positive psychological health. This is why looking at fond memories of the past can make it easier to overcome the days when you’re in a bad place.


Adding a personal touch to your home is one of the more apparent advantages of displaying family portraits. Besides being an attractive wall piece, these will remind you of your family’s bond that will stay strong amidst the challenges that life brings.

Treasuring your positive memories with your loved ones is an excellent way to maintain a healthy relationship. If you need a company that produces amazing family photography in Adelaide, our trained photographers can assist you. Book our services today, and we’ll make sure to capture your moments and milestones into timeless souvenirs and bring the benefits of hanging family photos to your home!



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