Monica and Troy’s Middleton Beach Huts Wedding was an absolute joy to photograph, Monica and Troy are super laid back people who had an awesome sense of humor and sense of fun that I feel really showed through with their wedding and their wedding photos! I was their wedding photographer for the entire day and I had a bunch of fun experimenting and creating some really unique imagery for them!

Preparation Photos

Monic and Troy were getting ready in separate beach huts, amongst many of their guests who were also staying at the Middleton Beach Huts. It’s a wonderful aspect of holding a Middleton Beach Huts Wedding in that you’re able to book out the entire complex just for your wedding, it’s really quite wonderful. As a result I was floating in between Monica and Troy’s huts while they both were getting ready.

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding Ceremony

There’s a large, grassy area in the center of all the beach huts where Monica and Troy’s wedding ceremony took place. It’s a perfect little spot to fit quite a few people if needed, with the beach huts as a backdrop. The sun came out quite strongly during the ceremony which made fore some beautiful weather for the rest of the day. One fun thing that Monica and Troy opted to do to be a little different on their day was that they didn’t exchange wedding rings, but rather gave each other small, heartfelt gifts. Monica was given a tiny penguin charm, while Troy was given a carved rock – the idea being that some penguins gift rocks to mates in the wild. It was really quite nifty 🙂

Glamour Photos

After the family photos, we first wandered out the gardens within the Beach Huts grounds, using the greenery and simple decor before heading down to the beach. We then proceeded to be attacked by a dinosaur before running over to nearby the Victor Harbor Bluff for a few photos on the rocky beach.

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding Reception

This took a little longer than expected, so we got back to the Middleton Beach Huts a little late for the reception, but no harm done. Throughout the night we had a bit more fun taking some zany photos, including a batman symbol and a neat grungy photoshoot in an old boat. Was good fun 😀

Thanks so much to Monica and Troy for having me as your wedding photographer!

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