Help Your Photographer Get Better Shots at Your Wedding

How to Help Your Photographer Get Better Shots at Your Wedding


Help Your Photographer Get Better Shots at Your Wedding

Every wedding photographer wants to capture their clients’ weddings perfectly. As the bride or groom, you also share the same goal. Of course, it can be tricky for you to assist them on your wedding day. That may leave you wondering whether there is anything you can do to help your photographer do their jobs as well as they can.

While your wedding photographer is in charge of producing your beautiful photos, their job requires teamwork and collaboration. This vital element is not just between them and their clients, but it also involves other vendors, suppliers, and guests.

How to Help your Photographer Get Better Shots at Your Wedding

You can help your wedding photographer get better shots at your wedding using the following tips:

Before the Wedding

Invite your photographer to your venue or rehearsals

It may not be part of the service offered by your photographer, but it will not hurt to invite them when to your wedding rehearsals, or even arrange to meet up and have a walk around. It is the best way for your photographer to see the venue and check the ambient lighting. They even get the chance to meet you and your family and friends before the big day, and this can help everyone feel comfortable with each other.

Alternatively if you can view a wedding your photographer has shot at your wedding venue in the past, it can give you an idea of what can and can’t work for your own day.

What I usually do is when I meet a new couple as their prospective wedding photographer, is to show them a wedding I had shot at their venue in the past, or failing that something similar so that they get a bit of an idea of what they will look like when being captured by me.

Include buffers in the schedule

Make sure you allot a time buffer for each activity listed on your wedding day, as schedule changes are common in most weddings. For example, the bride may need to have her makeup and gown checked after the ceremony, and the groom might need to take a quick break at the same time. Even finding a location for the after-ceremony wedding shots may take several minutes. Some brides will also have a difficult time walking in heels, and this can slow everything down.

I’ve found that if I allocate 1 hour per location you’d like to take photos in this provides for ample time to take plenty of shots while also keeping things relaxed and not rushed.

On Your Wedding Day

Make sure your venue is spacious, bright, and clean

You can get beautiful photos if the location is clean, well-designed, well-lit, and with a stunning backdrop or view. It will make the job of producing quality and beautiful photos easier for your wedding photographer. The same goes for your place of preparation – a clean house will always look nicer than if it looks as though a tornado had just hit.

Ask your venue to ensure that the space has been cleared and tidied before the photographer arrives. That way, you can ensure that there are no distracting items in the background.

Know where you should stand during the ceremony

Traditionally, brides stand on the left-hand side, but this is entirely up to the couple. Wherever you choose to stand, try to make sure that there is enough natural lighting for both you and your partner and also so that one of you isnt staring into the sun. Another thing you need to ensure is that you stand in the middle of the aisle. If not, your photographer will have a hard time taking well-balanced wide shots from the aisle.

Inform the Photographer on Schedule Changes

Keeping your photographers aligned with what is about to happen will help them get better photos of the event. While they may be following a schedule that you provided beforehand, keep in mind that these events do not always go as planned.

Make sure you, or ask your MC to give a heads up to your photographer before every special highlight, such as the grand entrance, the first dance, or the speech. Your photographer might need to change batteries or their camera settings in these special cases.

While it is important to trust your wedding photographer, there are many factors you can help your photographer work to their highest potential. Several factors will determine the quality of their work. As the bride or groom, there are ways you can help your photographer. Once you do your part, relax and enjoy your big day.

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