The 7 Don’ts of a Family Photoshoot

The 7 Don’ts of a Family Photoshoot

The 7 Don’ts of a Family Photoshoot

You’ve come across the perfect Adelaide photographer to take your family pictures—now it’s only a matter of time until your session. With a dreamy and carefree image in mind, you can’t wait to run across that meadow rife with daisies or lift your darling infant above your shoulders to capture their winning smile. Yet, family photography isn’t as easy as pie. To achieve a smooth and spirited shoot, take note of the following photography sins you’ll want to avoid at all times.

DON’T – Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

“Picture perfect” is a phrase you’ll likely think of when it comes to conducting a family portrait—but hardly will a session go precisely the way you’ve planned. Don’t attach high expectations to what is supposed to be a fun-filled day of clicks and flashes. Smile more and worry less!

DON’T – Skimp on Finding the Right Photographer

Just because your idea is a stellar one doesn’t mean just anyone can pull it off. Regardless of how well-meaning and patient a photographer may be, a fashion expert, for instance, may not have a knack for family photos. Take a look at a photographer’s social media and previous work before concluding.

DON’T – Pick a Day or Time That Doesn’t Suit You

It should go without saying that a family photoshoot must involve every member. While accommodating a photographer’s busy schedule might mean having to wait longer than you’d hope, you don’t want to de-prioritise yours either.

Pick a day that won’t mean having to put off an important meeting or re-schedule a dinner. Plan around an open weekend and take into account any potential upcoming events.

The time of day, and weather is also very important when determining the quality of the actual photos you will recieve. It’s best to shoot as early in the day or as late as possible for the so called ‘golden hours‘ of photography.

DON’T – Wing Your Location

If you have a particular theme in mind for your family photoshoot, don’t ignore the importance of selecting an appropriate location. Think about whether you’ll better achieve your goals in a studio or outside space.

You’ll also want to account for weather. A lush field of flowers, for example, might only be available in the spring, whereas a shoot down by the beach might be more appropriate during the summer than in the winter.

DON’T – Forget to Pre-Plan

Families often underestimate the value of pre-planning. If you’re heading into a shoot with younger children, you’ll want to be well-equipped with snacks, water, and toys to keep the little ones entertained. If your photographer doesn’t provide props, you may have to pack those yourself. But try to keep these at a minimum.

It may also be the case that people arent morning people, or some other reason why people can’t arrive on time. Try to plan around this as much as possible and the shoot will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

DON’T – Take All Day

Regardless of how much your tots enjoy being in front of the camera, too much is often too much. Especially shooting outdoors, spending more than an hour or two under the sun can be incredibly tiring for both your family and photographer. Stick to a schedule or know when to take a break.

An hour is a long time taking photos and in my experience it’s a perfect time scalke in order to get some great photos!

DON’T – Plan Too Many Outfit Changes

Most families will undergo one or two outfit changes during a shoot—but if there aren’t enough dressing rooms to cater to larger families, you won’t want to overpack. Similarly, if you’re working within a time limit, too many outfit changes might take away from the actual shoot.

The key to a successful family photo shoot is a lot of careful planning, shopping for the right photographer, and making sure your family is well-rested before the big day. You may not avoid the occasional toddler meltdown—but you can plan around it. Hopefully this short list of ‘don’ts of a family photoshoot’ can help out with capturing some amazing photos!

For family photography in Adelaide that never disappoints, contact us at Sven Studios. We have a knack for working with families from all walks of life and maybe even a soft spot for kids!

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