Kat and Monty’s Adelaide Botanical Gardens wedding was supposed to take place at the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, only to have them forced to change venue the night before due to a catastrophic fire danger alert put out in the Mt Lofty ranges. We had even walked about the Mt Lofty Gardens and sorted out everything we were going to do before hand – only to have it change to the city! It all worked out well though, as thankfully there was my favourite spot in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens free for their ceremony, and despite the whole thing being stressful for the bride and groom, the whole day worked out fantastically 🙂

Adelaide Botanical Gardens Wedding Ceremony

I was asked to be Kat and Monty’s wedding photographer for 3 hours on their day, which allowed me to cover their ceremony at the large tree at the northern end of the Adelaide Botanical Gardens, and then around an hour or so walking about the gardens itself for some glamour shots. As the fire danger had been declared, you could probably imagine the sort of weather we had for the day – super sunny and getting up there in temperature – which was pretty lucky considering that the week leading up to their day the weather hadn’t been great.

Kat and Monty’s ceremony took place without a hitch, and included their two boys, symbolising the coming together of their new family unit. It’s always nice to include any children involved, as it recognises them as also making a commitment as a newly formed family. Was lovely 🙂

Adelaide Botanical Gardens Glamour Photos

After the usual family photos, the bridal party and I went for a bit of a lap of the gardens to take some glamour shots, starting out with the magnificent money-shot of the gardens – the elm walkway. Love those trees that bend over the path to create a magical canopy. I knew it was Kat’s goal to make use of this space for the best images possible as it was one of the saving graces she had from her original choice of holding her wedding ceremony at the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens. The sunny day made this task super awesome 😀 Another request was replicating a shot I took at Ciara and Max’s wedding almost a year earlier of a black and white detail shot of a large tree at the southern end of the gardens. It’s always nice to hear what other’s favourite shots are from my weddings 🙂

Thanks so much to Kat and Monty for having me capture their wedding photography! Sorry that your first choice of the Mt Lofty Botanical Park wasnt available for you, but I’m sure you enjoyed your day nonetheless!

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