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Mclaren Vale wineries – 8 of my favourite


A list of Mclaren Vale wineries

Being a local to the area, having grown up and still living nearby to Mclaren Vale and also being a wedding photographer that is often asked to cover weddings in Mclaren Vale, I’ve come to really enjoy heading to Mclaren Vale and thought I’d list some of my favourite Mclaren Vale wineries. This list is based on my own personal preferences and is not ranked from most favourite to least favourite – it’s just how lists go, they need to be numbered! 😀 Also most of the photos I’ve featured in the list were photos I’ve taken at weddings I’ve covered at that winery.

Mclaren Vale boasts some of the most world-reknown best vineyards and wineries that create some of the best wine in the world. The scenery available in the region is also sometimes absolutely incredible. The entire town of Mclaren Vale is under strict government ordnance no not develop too much so as to preserve the unique charm the area has developed over it’s long history. I love heading down to Mclaren Vale as it feels like a beautiful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – and you can enjoy some great wine and food too! I’ll be writing up a short personal description of each winery and also giving my choice of my favourite drink produced at each!

1. Ekhidna Winery

Ekhidna Winery is a small little winery located off a short dirt track, but still pretty much right in the middle of the Mclaren vale wine district. The winery is backdropped by the stunning southern hills and the cellar door itself is surrounded by vineyards that light up spectacularly during sunset. Although it’s a winery my favourite drop from here are the alcoholic ginger beers on offer here – they are just great!

2. Coriole Winery

Coriole was always my own personal choice of winery to host my own wedding at, as the whole set up is nothing short of spectacular. The grassy area where a wedding or event would usually take place overlooks the whole valley of Mclaren Vale, while there is a small intimate courtyard in amongst the garden and heritage building that makes up the establishment. My favourite wine would have to be the 2016 Cabernet Merlot.

3. Woodstock Winery

Woodstock Winery has one of th enicest settings for an upper class restaurant in the region in my opinion. I always enjoy heading out here for a nice lunch with the family – although it can be a little pricey. As for an event venue, it boasts a large grassy area surrounded by gum trees and vineyards which makes for a beautifully intimate setting. The Woodstock winery ‘Ruby Velvet’ Sparkling red is my choice of wine from here!

4. SC Pannell Winery

SC Pannell is one of the few Mclaren Vale wineries in this list that faces East to West, rather than North South – this is important when you’re thinking of sunset photos. I’m not entirely sure if they still offer wedding ceremonies or receptions as last time I was here they were changing hands and werent sure on the furtue of weddings at their venue. The winery has a very nifty motif for their logo and their bottles stand out amongst the rest because of it. My favourite wine from here would have to be their 2016 Tanino.

5. Maxwell Wines

I feel as though Maxwell wines was never really set up to host large events, but as a venue it can handle smaller gatherings and weddings rather nicely. It’s restaurant isnt huge, nor is there much flat grass to stand on, but there is an awesome maze to venture through and a wonderful aged cellar that is great to take moody photos in. Maxwell may also be a name better attributed to it’s Mead production too as the winery produces one of the most well known brands of Mead around!

6. Paxton Winery

Paxton Winery is a delightful little spot hidden on one of the backstreets leading into Mclaren Vale. I say it’s hidden as it’s located on a little dirt road and can be a little tricky to get to if you’re already in Mclaren Vale itself. Whats great about this little winery is it’s stunning vistas available form it’s cellar door, coupled with the wonderful heritage listed buildings around the place that adds to the charm of this wonderful spot. I’m going to have to go for the Pinot Gris from here.

7. Serafino Winery

Serafino Winery is perhaps one of the most popular spots in Mclaren Vale to host a wedding as it can cater to both high and low budget weddings, while also being able to be set up to reflect the budget. The main event hall is stunning with a domed glass roof, and it’s wide open grassy areas make for some wonderful spots to walk about or host an event. Talking of events, Serafino wines usually hosts some of the bigger music festivals in Mclaren Vale like Hot Dub Wine Machine. My favourite drop from here would be any of their award winning Terremoto Syrahs.

8. Olivers White Hill Estate

Olivers is an interesting one to add to this list as the winery itself is not the same as the bed and breakfast I usually visit for weddings – so sorry to say thT i cannot recommed a wine from this particular winery 🙂 The appeal of this spot is the fact that it’s one of the oldest houses in Mclaren vale and the gardens overlook a beautiful little pond surrounded by native gum trees.

There are so many more Mclaren Vale wineries so this is by far not a complete list – I will however be adding more to this list as I sample more Mclaren Vale wineries!

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