Wedding Photographer Shot List

3 Reasons Not to Make a Wedding Photographer Shot List

Don’t Make a Wedding Photographer Shot List

During the wedding planning, many couples do not know how to deal with wedding photographers. Having a professional cameraman running about taking photos on the most nerve wrecking day of your life is not something people do very often! This leads to a lot of Google searching and perhaps even asking family and friends who may know what to do in this unusual situation. While that is all well and good, advice can be a little behind the times.

One tip that is usually found handy is to provide a shot list for the wedding photographer. A wedding photographer shot list is exactly what it sounds likea definitive list of shots the photographer must take before, during and after the wedding. However, that could put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the photographer, and on you. 

Wedding photography can vary on the day itself given a number of reasons, such as the high probability that you and your spouse will likely be pulled in multiple directions. 

With that said, a wedding photographer shot list may not be a good idea. Here are three reasons not to give your wedding photographer a shot list:

3 Reasons Not to Make a Wedding Photographer Shot List

  • It implies a lack of trust

If you’ve already booked a photographer, then you’ve already shown you trust them. After all, you had to go through a rather tedious process of research to find a photographer you get along with and will take incredible photos. Given all of that, you should not have any need to give this professional any specific directions. 

Embrace the idea that you may not get all the shots you want, but know that you will definitely get the shots you need. Discuss things thoroughly with your photographer and make sure that you both come to an agreement on how each other expects the day to run. Being a little picky on having a few ‘must have photos’ is fine, but micro-managing someone who knows what they are doing just puts a lot of stress on everybody.

  • Weddings vary

There are so many variables during the wedding day. The weather could change, there could be adjustments or changes at the venue, the lighting will shift and more. Even the hair and outfits of the couple can change, whether it’s a last-minute style change or something brought about by wind or the general rush of things. The nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic is an excellent example of how things can change quickly!

Even if you put together all the elements to shoot a copy of the ideal images you spotted on Pinterest, something will be different. If your photographer has a shot list, they may focus on getting the exact shots you’d like instead of managing to capture a lovely candid moment which they would know will work based on their own experience and ability with the camera.

  • Precious time gets wasted

More often than not, wedding photographer shot lists include photos that have to be staged. Considering how weddings can essentially move from beginning to end in the blink of an eye, that’s tricky. Even if it’s just a matter of standing a certain way at a certain spot, setting up the shot can take time. This takes away not just from your photographer’s capability to follow the day’s actions as they happen in a timely manner, but also your time within the day itself that could be better spent on other aspects.

While a wedding photgorapher shot list may seem like a good idea in theory, in the long run, it actually is not. Your photographer most certainly knows what they’re doing. More than anything, make sure to have a good sit-down talk with your photographer so things can go as smoothly as possible.

This isn’t to say that you should not make a list of certain photos you’d like taken – like for example a list of family photos. But try not to drown your photographer with photos you’ve seen elseware and say you want them done the same way – just with your faces in them. 🙂

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