Affect Your Wedding Photos More Than You Expect

2 Things That Affect Your Wedding Photos More Than Expected


What can Affect Your Wedding Photos

Planning for your wedding photography session is just as exciting as planning for the big day itself. You have different ideas on how you want the wedding photos to come out, where you want to hold the photoshoot, what theme you want to follow, and so much more. After all, you will want to make sure that the finished results are as beautiful and as remarkable as your wedding day.

Before you proceed with your photoshoot session, however, you should know that there are other factors that can affect your wedding photos. Other than you and your partner’s beautiful smiles and your chosen location, here are two important factors that impact your wedding images.

2 Factors That Affect Your Wedding Photos More Than You Expect

  1. The photographer’s style

If you want more personality and professionalism in your pictures, hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture your most precious moments is the way to go.

As you look for these professionals, you should remember that each wedding photographer’s style is different from another. While you are sure you will be getting professional service, their photos will have a different style or mood portrayed in them.

Some artists would be great in coaching and directing you, while others will have more of a photojournalist approach to capture your emotions in the most natural way possible. Some will have a bias towards light-coloured backgrounds like the sea and the sky, while others produce dark and dramatic portraits.

Considering all of these, you must look at the portfolio of the prospective wedding photographer to make sure that you are working with someone whose style is close to your preference.

  1. The time of your shoot and your wedding

Aside from your venue, the decorations, and your wedding’s motif, the time of your shoot will greatly affect your wedding photos. If you want to be very specific with the mood to be captured in your images and you have time around the pre-wedding photoshoot and the ceremony, coordinate with your photographer to determine which part of the day works best for your ideas.

If you have a preference for certain types of scenes you’d want captured on your day, a good idea is to show your wedding photographer examples and they would be able to provide advice as to whe would be the best time to have that certain shot done. After all your choice of wedding photographer themself would be the biggest affect your wedding photos.

If you want to achieve a bright mood, having your pre-wedding portrait session in the morning in a place where the sunrise is beautiful is a great idea. However, you will have to be strict with the time to make sure you’re getting the most of that rising sun’s beauty. If you want for something scenic, having a photoshoot featuring the setting sun is another excellent idea. Lastly, if you want to achieve an intimate and romantic mood, taking your portraits at night with candle lights is an idea that you might want to explore.

Your wedding is a momentous occasion for you and your partner, and it’s essential to keep these precious memories in images that you can always look back to after years into your marriage. As you search for a wedding photographer to cover your big day, keep in mind things that can affect your wedding photos, including the two factors we mentioned above, and you’ll surely achieve the images you desire.

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