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5 Tips for a Perfect Destination Photoshoot Session


Thinking of a Destination Photoshoot Session?

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you and your spouse-to-be will fondly look back to many years later. Your wedding photos are what will remind you of the precious memories of your big day.  As such, it’s become quite a popular thing to opt to have photos done before your wedding day, and to have a destination photoshoot session.

As you near your big day, you will want to make sure that you have wedding photographers to capture the best moments of your life. So going on a bit of a holiday, while also having a destination photoshoot session with your photographer is a neat way to get away for a bit, and also meet up with your photographer and see if you enjoy working together.

While some are content with the typical indoor or outdoor shoot, some couples go the extra mile and decide to hold their pre-wedding photoshoots overseas and feature iconic locations and sceneries rather than hosting a whole destination wedding. Tends to be cheaper that way too.

It’s not at all uncommon to visit places like Hawaii and notice dozens of birdal couples on the beach, often with drones and photographers swarming around. These couples arent celebrating their wedding day – it’s just their photoshoot so that they can enjoy their whole wedding day with their family and friends.

Although due to recent events such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, this isn’t happening as often anymore – you can still dream and plan to do so once it’s safe to do so again!

5 Tips for a Perfect Destination Photoshoot Session

If you are planning to do the same and have a destination photoshoot session, you might feel that the preparations are challenging and overwhelming, to say the least. To help you out and make sure everything goes well, we will share five tips to help you achieve the perfect destination photoshoot session:

  1. Coordinate with your photographer

Being in an unfamiliar location has its challenges. You will have to study the destination’s geographics better and discuss it with your photographers so that you can plan the photoshoot together and make the location work for your ideas. Additionally, knowing your locations better will help you make the proper preparations, from the schedule to the accommodation and the travel time.

Let your photographer know your preferences and the ideas that you have before the shoot so that you can make the necessary preparations instead of rushing everything last minute. Your photographer will probably be able to help out with this due to experience of shooting at the location, or generally which spots would and wouldn’t work due to the time you’re planning on going.

  1. Read weather updates

Some couples usually overlook the importance of checking the weather when planning overseas photoshoots. To make sure your pre-wedding photoshoot goes smoothly, it helps to do plenty of research on your destination’s weather for your scheduled dates and its season. Again, ask your photographer what they recommend drawing on their experience.

In summer, popular summer destinations are usually crowded with tourists during the day, so this may present you with some challenges. During winter, the days are shorter than nights, meaning that you will have less time for natural daylight. Knowing these vital details can help you set appropriate expectations and plans for your wedding photos effectively.

  1. Plan your wardrobe and where you will get them

Another thing to prepare for a painless overseas pre-wedding shoot is your wardrobe. Start researching options for gown rentals near your destination, or if you’re planning on packing yourself, try not to pack more than two outfits as it can just get exhausting changing all the time.

Think about makeup too – source a local makeup artist and perhaps ask if they can follow along for at least a portion of your destination photoshoot session to completre any touchups.

  1. Prepare a budget for your trip

The last thing you want to do throughout a destination adventure is to go over your budget because of hidden costs for transportation, accommodation, and food for your partner and crew. To avoid this, thoroughly check the terms and conditions of your package to make sure that there are no extra fees.

Sometimes locations ask for a permit to be paid in order to have photos taken on site – so do your research before rocking up

Also, set aside funds for attraction fees for the locations you will visit. Similarly, prepare enough currency so that you can easily pay for something when it’s needed.

  1. Enjoy the experience

The whole preparation may be stressful, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy your time with your partner! Remember, you are taking photos before your big day, so that you don’t have to stress and go through the whole press on your actual wedding day. Also you get amazing photos from the destination you chose!

At the same time though, do not be frustrated when things don’t go as planned – better now than on your wedding day. Things may always change when you’re on holday, or even overseas, but the important thing is to enjoy the moment you’re in with the person you love.

The reason why you’re planning a destination photoshoot session is so that you can save money by still having a shotoshoot done in an amazing location, but not your whole wedding. The photos you take on this kind of phtooshoot can be absolutely spectacular, while not having the stress of it being on your actual wedding day! You can enjoy yourself and the whole experience, making for genuine smiles and laughter, which will ultimately be the key to capturing beautiful photos.

If you’re planning a destination photoshoot session, I’d be absolutely keen to hear more about it! I’ve shot all around the world and would be keen to travel anywhere for it! Just get in contact and we’ll work something out!

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