Why an Engagement Shoot Is a Must

6 Reasons Why an Engagement Shoot Is a Must Have

Why an Engagement Shoot Is a Must

Finally—you’re engaged!, and nothing could be more exciting! For most couples, this time as an enormously stressful one, especially with the wedding planning going on left and right.

One point of contention amidst the flurry of organising the wedding is whether or not an engagement photoshoot is necessary. You may ask yourself if it’s really worth spending your money on. Engagement shoots, however, are more than just nice-to-haves in the grander scheme of things; it can actually have several practical benefits.

6 Reasons Why an Engagement Shoot Is a Must Have

To emphasise this point, here are six reasons why an engagement photoshoot is a must!:


  1. You can get comfortable with the camera

A situation wherein either the bride or the groom doesn’t feel at their best on the big day because they’re incredibly camera-shy is something the couple and the photographer want to avoid. An engagement shoot is a perfect opportunity to warm up to the camera and get some practice on comfortable poses in. Doing this before the big day can make you feel much more relaxed, and the photos will turn out much better.

  1. It gives you a chance to find the right wedding photographer

Some photographers will get on with a couple swimmingly while others will have a different style that doesn’t quite match. Remember, you must choose your wedding photographer carefully, as it is a significant investment, after all!

It’s not enough to simply browse a photographer’s portfolio. If you can, book a session with them to see if their work fits your preferences. While some photographers offer free or discounted engagement photo sessions, it might be worth spending just a bit more to make sure the photographs are to your liking.

Not only will this ensure that you get the results you want, but your overall experience will be more pleasant too. Building rapport with your photographer is important, as they will be with you for many hours. As they get to know you as a couple, your wedding photographer will also understand how to capture the both of you in the best way possible.

  1. You’re celebrating an important milestone

The wedding itself often eclipses engagements, but they are nevertheless a milestone that should be celebrated. Being engaged tells everyone of your commitment to one another forever as future husband and wife. It is a beautifully unique period between being in a relationship and getting married that you’ll want to capture in photos.

  1. You can combine it with your hair and make-up trial before the big day

Before the wedding, there’s always a trial day for the bride’s hair and makeup. What better way to capture how they’ll look in photos on the wedding day than your engagement shoot? This kills two birds with one stone and can save a lot of time and effort in scheduling wedding preparations for the wedding on different days.

  1. You’ll have photos to use for the wedding day

By doing a photoshoot early on, you’ll have pictures to use for your save the dates, invites, or on the day itself. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone!

It’s quite a common thing I’ve seen recently where a couple who had done an engagement shoot had a large printed photo on display above their wishing well at their reception. It’s a nice way to personalise the space!

  1. A chance to have fun and be creative!

Wacky and themed engagement shoots are also a great chance to get some cool shots in your wedding photo book. Maybe you’re both Star Wars geeks or Game of Thrones fans. While you don’t have to use these for your wedding, they’ll certainly be fun to keep for yourselves!

The Final Word: Are Engagement Photoshoots Worth It?

Engagement photoshoots are not just nice-to-have, but they have a suitable place for your wedding plans too. It can act as preparation for the big day, especially where actual wedding photos are concerned. Besides being an opportunity to commemorate your engagement, engagement photoshoots make part of the wedding planning process easier, and with beautiful photos, to boot!

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