Adelaide Sailing Club Wedding - Andrea Gerry

Adelaide Sailing Club Wedding – Andrea & Gerry

The sun was hot and bright for Andrea and Gerry’s beautifully intimate Adelaide Sailing Club Wedding at the end of February! Gerry had scouted me out as she was an AUSLAN interpreter at another wedding I had done a few months earlier, and thought I did a good job  there so asked me to be her photographer too! It’s always nice to know that people are impressed by what you love doing!

Adelaide Sailing Club Wedding Ceremony

I was Andrea and Gerry’s wedding photographer for a short while on their day, seeing me cover their ceremony on the Adelaide Sailing Club’s lawn with the beach in the background through to the speeches at their reception. The Sailing club is set off to the side of the West Beach Boat ramp and looks out over a small ‘private’ beach made by the boat ramp’s water break. I was a little worried about a surf life saving event happening right nearby with a hovercraft making a bunch of noise – but diddn’t make much of a noise during the ceremony thankfully.

It was a marvellous coincidence that both Andrea and Gerry arrived wearing almost identical clothing, neither opting for a white gown as brides; but rather white formal attire. It was lovely to see their reactions as they both arrived together and remarked at what each other was wearing.

Andrea and Gerry’s approach to the arbour was preceeded by a group of young children acting as flower girls and ring bearers, while also being flanked by family members before the two brides approached together.

The ceremony itself was quite moving with their celebrant talking about Andrea and Gerry’s family while also their story of coming together as a couple. The sounds of the waves crashing on the nearby beach added perfectly to the ambiance as the ceremony unfolded, coupled with the loving gestures made by both Andrea, Gerry and their guests.

Glamour Photos

Often I would bust out the drone to have the group shots done, but the Adelaide Sailing Club is right in the flight path of the Adelaide Airport which means it would be quite illegal to fly there. So the group shots were done by having me run up to the top floor and shooting down at the group from the conveneint balcony. It was fun shouting down instructions while the AUSLAN interpreter was also trying to direct everyone down stairs 🙂

Andrea and Gerry weren’t overly keen on spending too much time having glamour shots done and were more concerned with spending their time with family and friends at the reception. As a result we went for a short walk down to a nearby beach and walked back again.

Adelaide Sailing Club Wedding Reception

I really like the reception area available at the Adelaide Sailing Club – it’s a nice big, closed off area with a huge bar and giant balcony perfectly suited to watch the always amazing Adelaide Sunset as it drops below the horizon. Andrea and Gerry had decorated the area with lanterns and lighting which made the whole space come alive with a bit of festivity.

There were also no less than 3 wedding cakes on display, one usual cake and two cheese cakes (as I understood) – that is two rolls of cheese that are made up to look like cakes – not ‘cheesecakes’. It’s something that has become quite a common sight at weddings as it caters to those who arent too keen on cakes, or have allergies, etc

Thanks so much to Andrea and Gerry for having me as your wedding phtoographer! I enjoyed myself immensely and I hope you enjoy your photos! 🙂