Hate Being Photographed? How to Nail Your Wedding Photos 1

Hate Being Photographed? How to Nail Your Wedding Photos

Hate Being Photographed?

Wedding photographs are an essential part of commemorating your big day, but the unfortunate truth is, not all brides and grooms are comfortable with being in front of the camera. Whether you’re camera-shy, don’t know how to pose, or believe that the camera just doesn’t love you, it can turn a lovely day for taking wedding photos into a frustrating experience. 

I like to say that if I had a dollar every time a couple stated that they hate being photographed then I’d be on a yacht somewhere.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around these challenges during wedding photography sessions. Here are some top tips for nailing your wedding photoshoot—even if you hate being photographed!

Here’s How to Nail Your Wedding Photos

  • Get the Right Photographer to Do the Job

Most of what makes a great wedding photo is hiring the right wedding photographer. Professionals will not only know how to take great pictures, but they’ll also know how to make you feel comfortable. They’ll capture shots that, despite your apprehensions or perceived awkwardness, will still look fantastic. 

And Trust me, so many people say they hate being photographed!

There are some things you can do when looking for a wedding photographer who can make things a bit easier as your wedding day approaches. If you can, meeting with them to discuss their approach to photography and gauging their personality are both extremely important. A diverse portfolio is also a good indicator that photographers know how to adjust and produce good photos no matter the circumstances, especially with making “ordinary” people look great.

The right photographer for you will also honour your requests and put more focus on the kind of portraits that you and your future spouse want. 

  • Practice With an Engagement Shoot

They say practice makes perfect, and this applies to getting your photos taken for your wedding. Having some sort of dry run will allow you to familiarise yourself with the poses you’re most comfortable with—so why not go for an engagement shoot? Not only will you have a lovely extra set of photos to look back on, but you’ll also warm up to the camera before the wedding day. 

  • Candid Photos are Your Best Friend

Posed portraits may feel a little too unnatural and very uncomfortable, especially if you know that there’s a lens pointed at you. Do what feels most comfortable during your wedding day. Good wedding photography is all about adjusting to the clients’ most flattering angles, whether posed or not.  

Candid photos are also often more beautiful than posed shots. They show the behind the scenes moments of the wedding day as well as experiences shared between the two of you and your loved ones. Many couples find that their favourite photos to look back on are candid shots that show stolen moments of their special day!

  • Focus on Each Other

Couples that focus on the camera get a little too self-conscious and don’t act like themselves. The right photographer may ask you to focus on each other and just interact like you normally would! Sometimes this could lead to a nervous outburst of laughter—which is a perfect candid shot. This can also make couples generally feel more at ease and ready to pose with one another when the photographer asks again. 

  • Decide How You Want to Involve the Crowd

Wedding photos don’t have to be for the bride and groom exclusively. Sometimes the presence of family and close friends will help you come up with creative ideas for the shoot. You can also take special shots with your best friend, your parents, and even your whole family. 

On the other hand, you might also want to veer away from the crowd and enjoy the intimate moment shared with your fiancé. Sometimes family and friends can be distractions that will change the mood of the photoshoot, so keeping them out of it, for the time being, could be for the best if you want top-quality shots just the way you hoped for. 

It’s normal to feel slightly awkward or fearful of the camera, especially for a day as important as your wedding. Those of you who hate being photographed will likely feel a bit of pressure about looking your best and having the right poses to make the investment worth it. But by being your natural self with your soon-to-be spouse, your wedding photographer can get just the right shots and produce photos that you’ve always dreamed of for your special day. 

For wedding photos, going natural is truly best! Here at Sven Studios, we help you create memories in a fun and relaxed way to produce photographs that you’ll be proud to look back on. If you’re looking for wedding photographers in Hobart, Adelaide, or our other locations, get in touch with us today for natural and beautiful wedding photos!


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