Inglewood Inn Wedding

Inglewood Inn Wedding – Kasia & Ben

I’d been looking forward to being Kasia and Ben’s wedding photographer ever sinse Kasia had asked me to do it several months prior as I grew up with Kasia’s brother throughout High School and knew they were a wonderful bunch of people! It was a super hot day for Kasia and Ben’s Inglewood Inn wedding, but the heat really did not stop the jovial nature of their wedding guests. The whole day was full of laughter, joy and intimate moments that just makes being a wedding photographer all the more worthwhile.


Ben and a few of the boys were being prepared at a house on the other side of town. If Ben had any nerves he certainly wasnt showing them as he was quite keen on making the preparation time quite fun by having photos done in his jocks, and throwing banter about with some of the other boys getting ready there.

Kasia was being prepared in a hotel room at The Watson, North East of the city. The room was light and airy with a huge window at one end of the room which made for great natural light to seep through and illuminate everthing. Kasia was getting prepared in the same room as several others, including her brother who was also acting as her ‘Man of honour’, and ‘Flower Man’ during the cermeony.

Inglewood Inn Wedding Ceremony

The day was so hot that it was an absolute blessing to have the canopy of stunning oak tree foliage covering Kasia and ben’s guests during the ceremony. I really felt bad for Ben and some of the other men through in 3 piece suits! I even had some of my secondary equipment fail on me due to the heat it was that hot. Luckily, when holding an Inglewood Inn wedding ceremony, usually the whole ceremony takes place in the shade. Also, it certainly did not put any hamper on processings as Kasia and Ben’s ceremony was full of heartfelt vows and readings from important members of the family. Even their celebrant was a friend of the family!

It was lovely to be a part of 🙂 It’s also a lot of fun to see a grown man act as the ‘flower man’ rather than a little girl – always puts a smile on everyones face!

Glamour Photos

The Inglewood Inn is an incredible place to take photos in, with beautifully curated areas around the grassy spot for the ceremony, but also very unkempt areas surrounding a number of creeks flowing through the property. Theres also even a beautiful old colonial cottage ruin a short walk away, along with a paddock full of farm animals and gum trees.

Of course though, the main drawcard for having wedding photos done at the Inglewood Inn is Gollop’s Bridge, which happens to be the oldest road bridge still in use in SA.  Named after John Gollop who constructed a wooden bridge over the branch of the Little Para river just below the Inglewood Inn in the 1840’s. The bridge was replaced by the current stone-arch bridge in 1863. We used the bridge during the day to get what I figure to be the ‘money shot’ of an Inglewood Inn wedding, but we also head back out at night with some smoke in a can to use the area in the dark.

Inglewood Inn Wedding Reception

The inglewood Inn reception area overlooks the ceremony grounds so well that you could potentially attent a wedding here without leaving the reception hall. It boasts panoramic windows overlooking the hills surrounding the venue and is large enough to host larger weddings, while still being quite an intimate space.

Kasia and ben’s reception was full of lovely speeches by quite a few guests, and everyone was up on the dance floor which was great to see!

I’d like to thank Kasia and Ben for having me on their special day and I hope they enjoy their wedding photography! 😀