The Sferas Reception Center was the backdrop for Liz and Dan’s family oriented wedding on a sunny day in early November. They made use of Sfera’s little on-site chapel and went for a walk in the nearby reserve for their photos before retiring to the Starlight room also at Sferas for their raucous reception party! The dance floor was hardly seen all night!


Before the big day though, Dan and his boys got ready at the family house, along with Dan’s beloved dogs who wanted to be in all the photos too! Once the boys were dressed we went for a bit of a walk around a nearby park for some glamour photos while looking all smart 🙂

Liz and her bridal party were being prepared in a room at the Largs Bay hotel. I always love heading here for preparation photos as the historic nature of the hotel is a fantastic backdrop for preparation photos, and allow for some grand scenes both on the balcony,. and using the awesome staircase rising through the middle of the building.

Sferas Reception Center Wedding Ceremony

The Sferas Reception Center’s little on site chapel is large enough for small to medium sized congregations, and for Liz and Dan’s family oriented ceremony, it was the perfect size. As it was a nice, sunny day the little room was illuminated beautifully and the sweet little ceremony was over before I’m sure they knew it! 😀

Glamour Photos

Once the family photos were out of the way, we began the glamour photos by having the bridal party follow us through the manicured gardens right next door to the Sferas Reception Center, before heading across the road to the nearby reserve, where it’s turning out to be one of my favourite trees for having wedding photos shot under! There’s a huge, wonderfully shaped weeping willow right across the road, a short walk away from Sferas that I just love using whenever I’m shooting a wedding in the area!

Sferas Reception Center Wedding Reception

As I mentioned earlier, Liz and Dan’s wedding reception was a boisterous one! With the dance floor filled the entire night with family members enjoying seeing one another again on a night to celebrate! It was a bunch of fun to be a part of!

My thanks go out to Liz and Dan for having me as their wedding photographer, and I hope they enjoy their photos! 😀

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