5 Wedding Myths You Should Not Believe

5 Wedding Myths You Should Not Believe


Wedding Myths that you should try to ignore

You’re probably planning your wedding by now and maybe feeling a bit panic-y about everything. Breathe and relax. That’s okay. What’s not okay is believing in these wedding myths our culture imposes on brides and grooms. They are not helpful nor encouraging, that’s why I figured I’d write about them in this article

To help you relax, we’ve compiled a list of wedding myths and help you understand why you should not really worry about them

You Should Not Believe These 5 Wedding Myths

Myth 1: To save more, try DIY – FALSE!

DIY crafts are indeed a good way to add a personal touch to your wedding, and might seem on the surface as a way to cut down on your budget. However, while you think you can save costs from buying all the materials yourself, know that in doing this, you also have to factor in the skill, time, and other back-up supplies in the sums.

Sometimes, hiring someone else to create your invitation for you can cost you less than the total expense from creating it yourself. You’ll even get quality output in a shorter time. Unless you have people willing to help you out, DIY is usually not the most budget-friendly option.

Myth 2: Stay true to the traditional format of weddings – NOT A MUST!

Just because everyone else runs their wedding day to a similar schedule, doens’t mean you have to! usually the wedding ceremony is first followed by the grand wedding reception at a grand hotel. Why not have a breakfast wedding if you really wanted to? No one will get mad if you don’t follow any of these “rules”; in fact it’d probably be a point of conversation for years to come!

Remember that your wedding is your once-in-a-lifetime union as a married couple. You can tweak the itinerary and celebration by how you want to experience and remember it. Nuts to anyone else!

Make the celebration as close to both your personalities as you want. If you want a simple brunch in the backyard after the ceremony or dinner for just the two of you, there’s no problem! Follow what your heart’s desires.

Myth 3: Not inviting some friends can cost your friendship – FALSE

One of the biggest challenges an engaged couple encounter during wedding preparation is determining who makes it to the guest list. Unless you have unlimited money, your guest list will definitely have a limit.

Stop thinking that it is a test of friendship. Real friends will understand and be happy for you no matter what. Stick to your budget and choose only the special people whom you want to witness your union.

Myth 4: Wedding planning is a full-time job – NOT REALLY

Wedding planning will require effort, yes, but it doesn’t need to be that stressful. If you work on the requirements, decide, and book everything ahead of time, you’ll have fewer headaches.

Whether you hire a wedding planner or do things on your own, the planning can be manageable as long as you focus your energy on things that are important. The last two weeks before the wedding can be super busy, but early preparations can help you handle the situation well. I’ve even put together a number of blogs to make it easier for you to plan a wedding.

Myth 5: Your wedding day will be the best day of your life – YES AND NO

Yes, wedding days are indeed memorable, especially when you are surrounded by your loved ones. When you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll remember how you were able to gather and celebrate with all the important people in your life.

Is it the best? It is unforgettable, but there are many more days ahead of you and your life partner. You can create more memories and create more best days of your life, so don’t put too much pressure on the day. In fact often it’s the case that a bridal couple just want it to be over a done with 😛

Just enjoy it and make good memories to reminisce.

Being aware of wedding myths is important because it helps you focus on things that truly matter. More importantly, knowing that these wedding myths aren’t necessarily true can help you move forward with your wedding planning with less stress. Remember that your wedding is yours. Plan it like how you want it to be remembered.

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