It was a wonderfully sunny March day in Willunga for Kate and Callen’s wedding at the wonderfully rustic Peacock Farm. Their day was full of people who loved them and they looked as though they enjoyed themselves immensely, just as I did visiting a new wedding venue and exploring some wonderful, new scenes to take photos in! 🙂 They had me as their wedding photographer all day so I started with Callen’s place of preparation in Woodcroft, before heading over to Kate’s just around the corner.


Callen and his best man had the run of the house for preparation, with a large amount of time realising that new shirts needed to be ironed before being worn lest there be huge crease marks running along them. Other than that we got dressed then went for a short walk to the nearby park. Callen was taking the whole occasion in his stride, with any nerves really only making an appearance later whilst waiting for Kate to arrive at Peacock Farm.

After documenting the boy’s preparation, I head over to Kate’s place of preparation, which happened to be the couple’s house just around the corner. As with the boys, the atmosphere was wonderfully laid back with minimal evidence of nerves. In fact most of the time was spent calming down the cats who were locked away in the laundry and didn’t seem to like each other’s company much 🙂

Peacock Farm Wedding Ceremony

The Peacock Farm in Willunga is nestled in the side streets of the sleepy little town and provides a wonderfully rustic backdrop to a wedding. Complete with a historic shearing shed and dozens of peacocks on site the site even boasts a large pond/lake which Kate and Callen’s ceremony looked over. Unfortunately it was dry at the time of their wedding. The entire farm is set up as a sustainable function venue where all aspects of your day are provided in a completely environmentally friendly manner. There is also a rustic cottage on site which serves as a convenient bed and breakfast for the bridal couple to retire to directly after their reception has ended.

Glamour Shots

Directly after their wedding ceremony, I busted out my drone for a few overhead whole group photos, then splintered off for some family photos. Then we made use of the beautifully picturesque gardens surrounding the venue to take some photos. The range of shots available at Peacock Farm is fantastic, ranging from a lush green backdrop, to rustic farmland-style cottage and barns. It really was a lovely venue to shoot a wedding at!

Peacock Farm Wedding Reception

The farm has a nice closed-in function area where Kate and Callen held their reception. The venue has ample room to host a small to large gathering of people in a both seated or cocktail-style party. Judging by the amount of promotional material on the walls around the bar the venue hosts quite a bit of indy and underground music gigs, and at a setting like this I’d imagine they’d be something that would be really fun to attend.

I’d like to thank Kate and Callen for having me as their wedding photographer. I enjoyed myself immensely at their wedding, and I very much hope they enjoy their photos!

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