I can never stress enough how important it is for everyone to print and frame your wedding photography! It’s so sad that in modern society we place so much importance on simply having the photos in a digital medium, to perhaps share on social media, or to occasionally flip though on your computer. The truth of the matter is that, simply speaking, if you print and frame your wedding photography, it simply looks so much better! This isn’t only because I want to sell more prints, but it’s very true – let me explain!

Warning! Boring number stuff!

(skip the next paragraph if numbers and sciency stuff bore you)

The average dpi (dots per inch) or more accurately ppi (pixels per inch) of your average monitor on a computer is somewhere between 72 and 130. This means that an image displayed on your screen is made up of 72-130 ‘dot’s of little colours so close together they create an image. The more ‘dots’ the better as this makes an image clearer – it’s the reason why 4k TV looks so much better than full HD TV, which looks so much better than standard definition TV as they cram more ‘dots’ into the same space. When printing your photos on paper with a high resolution printer, the print resolution is usually around 300 dpi – if not higher, which makes a quality print around 3 time better quality than what you view on your screen. Just as a side note the ppi for a 40″ 4k TV is 110, and Full HD, 55 which is the reason why you can sit close to a computer monitor, but not your TV, and also my computer monitors tend to be more expensive than a similar sized TV.

Frame your wedding photography!

As a result of the recent ending of the SvenStudios people’s choice wedding photo of the year contest for 2017, our winner was Milena and Steven from their wedding at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens! The framed print above was produced as their prize. Their framed print was worth $419, and looks absolutely incredible printed on fine art paper and framed professionally. So much better than just looking at it on a screen!

I feel as though people who do not print and frame their wedding photography are put off by it’s perceived cost – and also the idea that anyone is able to print off their photos at places like Officeworks for far cheaper. The fact of the matter is that those cheaper, wholesale places just don’t compare with the quality and feel a proper print has. It’s like buying a car, but being content with a 1986 Barina, when you could have an Audi A6. I mean, yes there is a price difference, and I mean the Barina does fit the bill, it’ll get me from A to B, but the Audi makes me feel awesome doing it. It depends on what that awesome feeling is worth to you!

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