Details Your Wedding Photographer Must Know

4 Crucial Details Your Wedding Photographer Must Know

Details Your Wedding Photographer Must Know

Your wedding photographer has the job of ensuring that the most precious moments of your big day are captured. Right from your preparations to the moment you walk down the aisle and even to your reception, the photographers are there to document the most memorable day of your life. 

With their skills and experience, they can produce photos that you will surely love looking at for the years to come. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that your photographers will still need your instructions. Whilst they are skilled in what they do, they won’t be able to provide the documentation you want if you do not communicate any details your wedding photographer must know. If your photographers are not aware of that special, unique moment you had planned, this will only stress you out on what is supposed to be your special day. 

On that note, here are four of the many crucial details your wedding photographer must know about the day:  

4 Crucial Details Your Wedding Photographer Must Know

  1. The Day’s Schedule 

The big day will be full of events that you may want to be captured in beautiful pictures. Considering this, it is best to let your photographers have a copy of the day’s schedule along with the locations they need to be in. 

This copy will help them get a better idea of how the day is going to flow. On top of that, this will enable them to be where they need to be and when they need to be there. Ultimately, this helps them anticipate the next activities and set up their gear in advance. 

Once a photographer has this schedule, it would also be easier for them to use their experience and perhaps provide advice on how long things actually take. Knowing this and planning for it makes any wedding day that much less stressful.

  1. Parking Space 

This is perhaps one of the most essential things you need to sort out in advance and prepare for your wedding photographers. 

Reserving a slot for them will help them park easily and spring into action right away. If your chosen venue has limited capacity, they will not have to spend minutes finding a vacant spot. Rather, they can park quickly, unload their equipment, and start setting up their gear. 

This is particularly important when holding a wedding within the city where parking is often at a premium and hard to find, also if asking your photographer to also provide a photobooth or other bulky equipment.

  1. Group and Specific Photos

If you want to take several family and group photos, it’s a great idea to let your photographer know beforehand. However, take note that you will not be able to accommodate everyone as this will consume a lot of time. You need to pick out the important ones to give time for the other parts of the ceremony or reception. 

You must also let your photographers know if you have any family or friends who have a disability or a strong aversion to flash lighting. This will help them plan the location and lighting for the group shots appropriately. 

Finally, let them know about other special shots of you and your partner that you want to be taken. If you have any location in mind, feel free to share it with them as well. They will take it into consideration when planning the locations. 

Informing your wedding photographers of your preferred group and specific photos will allow them to prepare in advance. Ultimately this will help save time and make it easier for everyone to get the pictures taken. 

  1. Surprises 

If you are planning a surprise for your partner, you must also let them know about it. When photographers know what is to come, they can position themselves beforehand to capture your partner’s reaction clearly and from the best angle. Don’t worry – we are usually pretty good at keeping secrets 😉

Finding the best wedding photographers for your big day is the fundamental step to gaining great memories of it. You also have a part to play in this—you must fill in your chosen people with details your wedding phtoographer must know. Supplying them with the information listed above will help them do their job well. Ultimately, this will enable them to get the best snaps of your love story’s momentous day.  

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