Wedding Services That You Should Invest In

Wedding Services That You Should Invest In

Wedding Services That You Should Invest In

It’s a universally known fact that weddings can be quite expensive. Some people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to experience their dream weddings, and you can’t really blame those people who only want the best for their special day. If that’s the way they want to celebrate their love, then everyone should let them be!

When planning for your wedding, you can do anything you want. However, if you want to save money while getting the best out of your wedding, you should be smart about how you spend your money. There are a few items that can be cut while not having much of an impact on your big day, but then there are wedding services that you should invest in.

I feel as though these three wedding services that you should invest in are the most important when considering your budget and perhaps leave these three items aside from any cost cutting you may end up doing.

Wedding Services That You Should Invest In

  1. Professional Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, I may be a little biased here, but your wedding is one special moment in your life that you will hopefully cherish for the rest of your life.

There’s nothing wrong about getting someone from your friend group or getting one of your family members to take your wedding photos. However, getting a professional wedding photographer on your wedding day can bring more personality and professionalism to your photos.

Having a photographer that is not directly a part of your wedding day brings a multitude of different benefits other than of course the wonderful photos they produce.

  • A professional photographer is tasked soley with taking photos of your day and wont be distracted by partying and catching up with guests.
  • The experience a professional brings will show in the final product they produce – far and away from Uncle Bob with a nice camera.
  • A professional will have better understanding of the flow of a wedding day as they will probably have atended hundreds before yours, and therefore able to capture more heartfelt moments.

Ten years after your wedding, you would want to see photographs of your wedding that bring back the same emotions that you felt on that very same day. It would be nice to have something truly beautiful that you and your partner can reminisce on.

  1. Wedding Video Coverage

Aside from your wedding photos, making an investment in a wedding video is something that augments your memories in a way that a sinlge photo cannot do. Some people may think of it as unnecessary, but if you are the type of person who loves sharing your precious moments with your friends or who prefers visual keepsakes for re-watching in the future, then you should hire a videographer.

Aside from capturing the highlights of your wedding, it also allows you to relive moments that you may not rememeber from your wedding day due to it being such a whirlwind of emotion. Perhaps a clip of:

  • Your friends wishing you a happy marriage
  • Epic moments on your wedding that no one expected
  • Your maid of honour’s and best man’s wedding speech
  • You and your parent dancing from other people’s perspective
  • And more!

Another really cool wayu to relive your wedding day is via Virtual reality technology where you can wear a VR headset and rewatch your ceremony or first dance from the perspective of your guests. It just so happens I offer this as part of my usual photography packages.

If photos capture precious, intimate moments, a video captures incredibly fun and memorable moments on your wedding day.

  1. Wedding Coordinator

Personalizing your wedding can be pretty exciting, and hiring a wedding coordinator may not usually be on a list of wedding services you should invest in. But hiring a wedding coordinator that understands your needs and wants can significantly affect how you prepare for your wedding. When you hire a professional to do miscellaneous stuff for your wedding, you’re allowing yourself to savour each moment that passes by, and you get to focus on yourself and your partner.

DIY-ing your wedding can save you a lot of money, but the downside with that is that sometimes you don’t get to enjoy the excitement of your wedding because you were too stressed out planning everything on your own. It can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you need that little bit of help with someone who has done it all before.

Most importantly, you can better enjoy your wedding as you’ll be more grounded in the present during the wedding, instead of worrying about how the event is going. When you hire a wedding coordinator, you wouldn’t need to worry about little things that go wrong, allowing you to cherish the moment.

Weddings can be more expensive than you can imagine. The average cost of a wedding in Australia in 2019 according to EasyWeddings was $32,940. If you want to save money, you should be smart about where to cut costs. Ask yourself what exactly it is you want to prioritize.

More than the material things, please do consider not ckimping out on these wedding services that you should invest in. They may make or break your big day and the nenories that you were looking forward to creating just wont be what you imagined they might be.

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