I was excited to hear that Georgia and Nick wanted an engagement shoot done before I cover their wedding in October, 2020. So after considering a few different locations for their shoot, Georgia settled on heading down to the Grange Beach and Jetty for some beach shots, then heading over to Port Adelaide’s Crozier St for some industrial shots to add variety. I suggested to begin rather early in the day so as to avoid people enjoying the beach on what was a rather hot week, so we met each other at just after sun up at 7:30 am!

Grange Beach

Once meeting I got into having Georgia and Nick walk together amongst the Grange beach sand dunes while I was a fair distance away in order to get Georgia and Nick a bit more relaxed before heading down to the shoreline for shots along the waterline and under the jetty.

Crozier Street

Everything went rather swimmingly at the beach so we head over to Crozier st a little earlier than expected, but that was good as we got to spend a little more time in my favourite street in Adelaide! We however were not the only group with the same idea with another photographer and model using the street as a backdrop while we were there! This isn’t overly unusual as Crozier st is very popular amongst photographers. 🙂 The great thing about this street is the wonderfully aged concrete and wooden doors lining the road which make for wonderful backdrops.

Looking forward to covering Georgia and Nick’s wedding in a few year’s time!

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