Photo Schedule on Your Wedding Day

The Importance of a Photo Schedule on Your Wedding Day


Having a Photo Schedule on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are hectic affairs. You spend months and months preparing every detail like picking out the perfect dress and suit, decorating a venue, and sorting out a seating chart. When the wedding day finally arrives, it all whizzes by in a flash. Having a photo schedule on your wedding day will help certain ‘must capture’ events be remembered in your album.

There are so many things that have to fall into place in the span of a few hours. If even one element is late, it throws the entire day off. You will need to go from dressing up, getting to the venue on time, having the ceremony, and then entertaining guests at the reception. Somewhere in between, you will have dozens of precious moments with family and friends that you will want your wedding photographer to capture.

Wedding photographers are experts at observing events as they unfold and figuring out the best moments to capture. However, they can only be at certain places at once. The thing with modern, journalistic wedding photography is that they can’t ask you to repeat the moment because they got the angle wrong or the lighting was off. They have to work within the situation in front of them, timing included.

If you don’t want your photographer to miss out on anything during your wedding day, it’s best to take a small amount of planning time to make a deliberate effort to plan certain photos you’d like to have taken. You may have a general schedule of the major events, but getting down to the details such as having specific call times for bridal parties, setting aside an hour after the ceremony for intimate couple portraits, and making sure there are ample opportunities for group photos during the reception.

Having a photo schedule on your wedding day is an excellent way to ensure that you, your bridal party members, and your guests are camera ready at the critical moments. Modern wedding photography is all about ‘capturing the moment’ so to speak, so having a photo schedule on your wedding day seems a little counter-intuitive to that – however the idea still has merit when you’ve got your heart set on a certain type of photo, or specific setup you MUST have.

The Importance of a Photo Schedule on Your Wedding Day

If you are in the middle of planning your wedding day, these are the reasons why having a photography schedule is important:

You will want to take preparation photos

These will be your last moments as a ‘single’ man or woman. This will also be the last time your family will have you all to themselves. Taking the time to capture some candid photos as you prepare for the most significant moment of your life is something a lot of people feel as though isnt important; however when considering your album as a story of your day, it’s a wonderful opener, leading into the rest of the story of the day.

Also, having your photographer document your preparation is a great way to warm up to the big event, and get used to having a camera around all the time.

You will be surrounded by family and friends that you don’t see often

Your wedding may be the only occasion to bring all your friends and family together in one place. There are only a few other moments in your life when you will get to have them all in the same place celebrating a happy occasion. You will want to make sure you have keepsakes of your time together, so having a photo schedule on your wedding day will help capture everyone there.

You will need as much natural light as possible

The timing of your photoshoot is especially important if you plan on shooting outdoors. If you are going to have individual shots or your newlywed photos in a garden or a beach, you will need to make sure you go at the right hour, so you have enough sunlight for your photographer to work with.

The unexpected can happen

As much as you want everything to go smoothly, things may not always go according to plan – in fact chances are they won’t. Unfortunate things can happen, like getting caught in a traffic jam between your hotel or the venue, or there might be a hiccup with the venue. Having a schedule will get you back on track even if you have to push some things back a bit.

Having a photo schedule on your wedding day is simply a way to list things that you need to happen on your big day – so if you need to rearrange things, it’s right there in front of you so you don’t forget.

You can relax and focus on other things

With a schedule to guide everything, your MC can corral the photography crew into the right position to save time. You don’t need to be anxious thinking about whether you got a chance to pose with your grandparents, your university friends, or your colleagues from school. You can leave your worries behind and focus on wearing your most radiant smile instead.

You can never go wrong by taking a few extra steps in planning – even if it’s a very simple list of things that *must* be done. Wedding photography doesn’t get a do-over, so it is vital to control as much of the frenzy as possible. Your wedding photographer will work their magic, but only if you point them in the right direction.

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