7 Different Wedding Photography Styles 1

7 Different Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding Photography Styles

Aside from the wedding programme, dress, cake, buffet, and décor, you should also invest money and time in hiring a wedding photographer that will help relive your special day through the photographic art they create. More than anything, wedding photos are something you can keep years after the wedding that will help you reminisce your special day. They narrate the important scenarios in your wedding and capture intimate moments.

If you are getting married soon, and you still can’t decide what kind of wedding photographs you would like to have, here is a list of sevendifferent wedding photography styles to help you narrow down your options. While a wedding photogrrapher might lean towards using mostly a single style – they are all part of a competent professional’s repatroir.

7 Different Wedding Photography Styles

Style #1: Traditional or Classic Shots

Traditional shots pertain to wedding photography that your parents or grandparents most likely had. These shots are straightforward and are typically captured at eye level. Most of the time, wedding celebrants and guests pose for this kind of photography.

Best for:

  • Family portraits after the ceremony
  • Timeless photographs

Style #2: Photojournalistic Shots

Photojournalistic shots epitomise mordern wedding photography in my opinion. These photographs capture stories and moments in your wedding that you would most likely miss as a bride or groom, and therefore has become quite a popular way to approach wedding photography in modern times.

Best for:

  • Capturing candid and heartfelt moments
  • Telling stories through emotions or actions
  • Unfolding memories of the wedding years after

Style #3: Editorial Shots

If you and your partner like to pose on cameras, this style is the best option for you. It is great for a wedding that has a specific theme, as you can use these photos on your wedding invitations, wedding favours, and thank-you and appreciation cards.

Best for:

  • Themed weddings
  • Couples who like to have prenup shoots

Style #4: Landscape Shots

Many couples today take their engagement and wedding photos with landscapes. This style is great if you want to feature the location of your wedding ceremony, whether it is on a beach or mountain. The beauty of the landscape also adds drama to your photos, making it look more intimate. Not to mention that it would look great when you decide to print a photo book of your wedding.

As a former Landscape photographer of the year – I absolutely love incorporating some landscape work into my photography!

Best for:

  • Scenic wedding locations
  • Couples who love nature or adventure

Style #5: Aerial Shots

As with landscape style, using modern technology like drones, a photographer is able to capture a wider view of your wedding location. Capturing your wedding from a wider perspective can make the people looking at the picture feel that they are part of your precious wedding.

Best for:

  • Featuring scenic wedding location
  • Capturing meaningful moments of the wedding such as ceremony exits

Style #6: Dark and Moody Shots

As the name implies, it is dark and moody, but it does not mean that the photographs will look sad and intense. Instead, these kinds of shots can make your wedding photos look more dramatic and intimate.

Best for:

  • Couples who would love to break wedding norms
  • Wedding locations that have great lightings

Style #8: Black and White Shots

If you want to have classic-looking and elegant wedding photos, then you should do this style. With these shots, photographers focus more on capturing moments and making them look dramatic through editing.

Best for:

  • Timeless photographs
  • Highlighting emotions and actions


There are many different wedding photography styles, and this list only barely scratches the surface of them all. If you want to have classic wedding photos, you should do traditional or black and white shots. For dramatic and intimate stills, photojournalistic, landscape, and aerial styles would be best for you. You can also do fine art, dark and moody, or editorial shots if you want to have themed and creative wedding photographs.

The easy part is finding a style of photograph you like, the hard part is matching your tastes with a photographer! If you are looking for a wedding photographer, get in touch with us today. We offer high-quality photography services that can help capture and relive the precious and intimate moments on your wedding day!

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