Alexis and Matt were married nearby the Belair National Park at the Belair Park Country Club with the original aim to use a grassy area to the front of the complex for their ceremony. This wasnt to be due to the weather, so instead they used the interior of one of the reception halls available on site. I was lucky enough to be chosen as their wedding photographer for the entire day, and despite the early weather, the day turned out brilliantly!


I started the day with Matt and his grooms men who were being prepared at their parent’s place in Semaphore Park. One of the first things that Matt said to me was that we wasn’t a smiler 🙂 Nothing wrong with that though as his grooms men were more than keen on playing about, hanging on his nerves 🙂

Lexi was being prepared down the road in a room in the Lakes Hotel. The girls were waiting for me as they were sitting about casually having a bit to eat and joking about. More than happy to help me set up my photos 🙂 The only thing that was dampening the mood was the potential for rain, but if all turned out great in the end!

Belair Country Club Wedding Ceremony

The Belair National Park is one of the oldest National Parks in Australia and it boasts quite a bit of natural flora and fauna. The country Club built nearby in the 90s takes advantage of this incredible setting being surrounded by 835 hectares of the most beautiful scenery you could imagine.

It was a very warm period of the year when Alexis and Matt were wed amongst the Belair National Park, however the weather turned for the worse overnight and the original plan of using the grassy area in front of the Belair Country Club was cancelled due to fear of the ground being muddy. So the Ceremony was moved indoors which turned out to be a wonderful turn of events as it was stunning.

Belair National Park Glamour Photos

Directly after the ceremony and family photos, the bridal party first head out to where the ceremony was originally going to be held to mimic a shot I took at a wedding last time I was here – only to find the ground was fine. We then used the entry driveway of the country club to take photos of the cars before travelling to the Belair train station. We then went for a bit of a trek through the Belair National Park after having realised the ladies had left their flats at the Country Club – so it was pretty difficult going for them walking around in their heels, but we managed! 🙂 It was well worth it too, as we took some stunners!

Belair Country Club Wedding Reception

We head back to the Country Club for the reception, which took place in the upper reception room on site. The room is a lovely setting, complete with a private bar just outside, and room for a large number of guests. The area was decorated with long pieces of beautiful cloth which really completed the entire look of the room.

I;d very much like to thank Lexi and Matt for having me capture the wedding photography at their Belair National Park wedding, and I wish them all the best in the future!

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