family photography tips

Keep Great Memories With These Family Photography Tips

Family Photography Tips

One of the best ways to remember moments is by looking at pictures that bring back good memories. When you have old photos at home and spend time looking at them, you will be brought back into time and reminded of the feeling you got when those photos were taken.

Fortunately, with the advances in technology, it is easier for people to take pictures and store photos safely to look at in the future. Hiring a family photography professional is still your best bet when it comes to taking stunning and heartwarming photographs, but many people either just dont like the idea of having a professional take their photos, donbt have the budget, or simply think they themselves can do a good enough job!

Hopefully these family photography tips can help anyone take some nice family photos!


Keep Great Memories With These Family Photography Tips

Taking family photos shouldn’t be intimidating. Here are some tips you can follow so that you can start taking great family photos yourself:

Consider what type of device you’ll use

One of the most convenient ways to take photos is by using your smartphone. Recently, tech companies have been upgrading and making mobile phone cameras work better than ever. Most of the smartphones in the market produce high-quality photos that can look very similar to high end cameras. They aren’t, but for the mayperson the difference can be indistinguishable. The great thing about smartphones is that they are readily accessible for quick moments that need capturing.

If you want a crisper and clearer quality, investing in an entry-level, mirrorless camera will do the trick. After some practice, you can upgrade your camera’s lenses, helping you take better family photos. This said however, the best camera in the world is the one in your hand – so don’t get too hung up on equipment.

Focus on the moments

Most people think that family photos are supposed to be more like portraits, standing about aand staring straight down the camera. However, what you would want to look back at are the mundane and spontaneous moments. For example, you can take a picture of your partner preparing breakfast for your children. Another could be a photo of your children in the backyard playing with your dog.

These are the moments you would want to cherish and remember because things will be entirely different years later. Although taking portraits is a great way to see physical growth and development, taking pictures of moments will help tell the story of your family’s growth.

Experiment with angles and lighting

Once you understand how to handle your device and take a few photos, it is best to learn and experiment with different techniques.

Natural light is a photographer’s best friend. When you find an area in your home with the best lighting, family portraits shouldn’t be a problem. An area in your home that lets in natural light is the best place to stage a photograph.

If you’re outside generally it’s best to situate the sun behind your subject, however the quiality of your equipment may come into play here causing images that are too dark, or light. Just makes the understanding of your device that much more important.

Another thing to remember is that camera angles give a different type of perspective and story. Experiment outside while your kids are playing, or when your partner is going up the stairs. These angles and framings can give your photos a story and memory to remember.

With any new hobby or project, the best way to produce quality output is by practising and experimenting. Compared to other types of photography, family photography is one of the most heartwarming and less-intimating of its kind.

When you practice family photography at home, you’ll continuously be keeping different memories you can look at in the future. Enjoy this new family project you are about to begin and get ready to capture moments that you’ll be thankful you didn’t miss. Hopefully these family photography tips will help out with your shoots!

If however you’re finding the whole situation too much to bear, we are experts in our field and provide specialised wedding photography, family photography, and other photography services. Get in touch and book a session with us today!


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