List of Different Newborn Photoshoot Concepts 1

List of Different Newborn Photoshoot Concepts


Newborn Photoshoot Concepts

Keeping photos of your baby and viewing them will never fail to pull on your heartstrings. Whether they’re a newborn or a toddler, capturing early moments of their lives and keeping them close is always a good idea and wonderful to look back at as they get older.

What’s great about photographers today is that they have numerous toddler and newborn photoshoot concepts available to capture the best moments of your baby’s life. If you’re still unsure about what kind photoshoot you want to have for your child, then here is a compilation of different photoshoot ideas in the market based on your child’s age.

List of Different Newborn Photoshoot Concepts

Posed Newborn Photoshoots

If you see those cute baby photos showcasing them in adorable costumes in equally cute poses, then you’ve unknowingly experienced the products of posed newborn photoshoots. These types of newborn photography shoots happen in the studio, to make use of the lights and heating system to make sure your baby is comfortable throughout it. Some photographers may also opt to go to a client’s home so that it’s even more convenient for the family.

This type of photoshoot is often suggested to parents if you have a less than two-week-old baby. This is because the baby is often asleep and more settled in, thus making it easier for the photographer to pose the baby in different positions.


Lifestyle Baby Photoshoots

In lifestyle baby photoshoots, the whole family gets involved. With family photography shoots, the location of the photoshoot can be in your home or even outdoors! The idea of this photoshoot is to show the connection of each family member with the baby. In these shoots, the photographer will usually give artistic direction with regards to how you’ll pose, what you’ll wear, and where to look—all to streamline the process of granting you beautiful photos to remember your family by.

The age range for this photoshoot concept is not fixed, therefore, you can even have this type of photoshoot even when your child is already a toddler. For baby photoshoot purposes, however, it’s best when the baby is aa little older and used to being outdoors.

Documentary-Style Photoshoots

This is the most natural type of baby photoshoot concept you can choose. The photographer won’t give you any direction and would just take photographs of your baby in their most natural state. This is great for when you want to capture mundane and natural moments that you want to look back on when your baby has grown.

With this type of concept, the photographer usually does not have a fixed age range. This photography concept is meant to be more natural than the previous types, mainly because it is created to capture your baby’s precious “organic” moments.

Sitter Session Photoshoots

Sitter Session photoshoots are best for children who can already sit up—but not crawl! This photoshoot is usually catered towards children who are between six to ten months of age. The photographer will have your child sit in an upright position with costumes and props and start taking pictures from there.

Usually, at this age, your child will be able to clap their hands or even laugh—making these photos even more adorable!

First Birthday Photoshoots

One of the most monumental periods of your child’s life is their first birthdays, and what better way to commemorate this special event than to have a cake smash photoshoot! With this type of photoshoot, your baby can be positioned in front of a cake that they can devour and play with, or with a balloon or toy.

Usually dressed in cute costumes and flashy props, this is a common go-to concept for parents who want a fun first birthday photo for their child.

Remembering the special moments of your child’s life is important. While you can always capture these moments with your own phone, having a professional photographer do it for you will help make it more special and memorable.

All you have to do is enjoy watching your baby in their newborn photography shoot and receive the finished product! Hopefully just looking through these newborn photoshoot concepts sparks some sort of idea of what can come out of your own photoshoot!

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