What Not to Do at a Baby Photo Session

What Not to Do at a Baby Photo Session – A Guide


What Not to Do at a Baby Photo Session – Our Guide

Despite how long the days might feel, your little ones are only babies for a short while. You may blink and find them running out the door to their first day of school or a playdate with friends. Taking family photographs during their newborn and infant stage is a great way to capture those priceless fleeting first years.

Newborn photography can be tricky, so it is vital to choose an experienced photographer who knows how to shoot around potentially fussy or uncooperative babies. As a parent, you should also manage your expectations and make preparations so you can get the most out of your family photography session.

What Not to Do at a Baby Photo Session

If you are planning to have your portraits taken, here are some tips on what not to do at a baby photo session:

Don’t assume it will go according to plan

Babies are mercurial creatures. Newborns might be easier to photograph since they will most likely be asleep or oblivious to what is happening around them. Older babies tend to get distracted or fearful of new settings, so it might be challenging to get them to pose, let alone smile. Discuss your worries with your photographer before the shoot. Someone who is experienced in newborn photography will be able to adapt well to the situation and will guide you through the process.

Try to keep the surrounds familiar

Unless you have no choice, pick a setting your baby is familiar with. Have the shoot at home or in a park. If you are shooting at home, your baby may feel more at ease and respond better to the photographer and his camera trying to take their picture. Consider also having your portraits taken outdoors. It can make for great photos as natural light will illuminate your photos beautifully.

Don’t try to rush the photo session

No matter how well you know your baby, they may have a meltdown just as you are about to capture a precious moment. Give your photographer ample time to set up. Allocate at least a reasonable amount of time to have photos taken with allowances for nappy changes and tantrums in between. Most of the time with newborns, a quick cuddle with Mummy is all they need.

Choose a time when your child will most likely be in a good mood, and be sure to prepare any food or snacks that will help soothe them.

Don’t get fixated on a particular photos you’ve seen before

You can provide inspiration photos to your photographer, however, you should try to do something original with your portraits. Trying to recreate a photo you’ve seen before is a good example of what not to do at a baby photo session and just sets everyone up for dissapointment.

Pick a setting and props because they reflect your baby’s personality and preferences, not because you want it to look exactly like someone else’s picture.

Don’t cover your baby in too many props

Some parents get carried away with decorating the stage and putting fancy outfits on their child. These tend to get too distracting. You want the focus to remain on your baby and not on unnecessary props.


Newborn photography is a beautiful thing to have as keepsakes. What is essential is capturing family photos is not to get too caught up in making fancy layouts or magazine-style photo spreads. Keep these tips in mind when planning your photoshoot, and remember that the only critical components you need to prepare are just you, and your child. The photographer will take care of the rest.

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